Does it Hold Up?

  • Ocarina of Time
    Super Mario 64

  • @Alex840 Maybe the N64 Version of Ocarina of Time, the 3DS Version HOLDS UP.

  • @Killstriker Nah, I've played it several times in the past few years on 3DS and I can never get more than halfway through. It was impressive at the time, but now I just look at it like the most vanilla Zelda. Still better than TP and SS, but meh.

  • To be honest, there aren't many games I've felt this about. There may be odd systems taking a little longer to do certain tasks that occasionally bug me, but I'm struggling to think of an example where my enjoyment diminishes or I think a game couldn't hold up.

  • Frogger for PC. I don't know why I loved that game so much, I couldn't make it past the first level and usually just watched my mom play. But now I can see what a truly hideous looking game it is. And the exploratory elements were really weird for a game of it's nature.

  • Banned

    Sim City 4 has help up amazingly well.

    Best city sim.

  • @bard91 GoldenEye is THE answer. Game is dumpster juice. Takes a year to find your friends in the SP maps that get passed off as MP ones.

    Was fun with friends way back when but this game isn't good or worth playing.

  • Resistance Fall of Man was a blast to play in the years shortly following the PS3 launch. Custom matches with one shot kills and unlimited ammo kept me busy. Along with Warhawk. The campaign was also highly rememerable.

    But RFOM aged very fast well before the end of the last generation. With so much development focused on the FPS genre. The controls and movement speed of FOM, just didn't hold up to the games that came afterwards.

  • @-Jak-

    Besides controls, the difficulty and excellent split-screen campaign keeps RFoM highly rated in my book, but that online MP and SP got dated quickly.

    Warhawk is God-tier and will never age. Bring Warhawk back exactly like is was please Sony. That and SOCOM II HD please. (never gonna happen tho, RIP)

  • Speaking of Resistance, 2 doesn't hold up at all as the campaign isn't that great, especially as it's single-player only, and servers are shut down so you can't play it online anymore, which was somewhat fun. That Co-op mode in Resistance 2 was actually pretty great online. The first and third games are fun to play in split screen, though there are better games to play in co-op.

  • @Alex840 Mario 64 holds up IMO, especially the DS version

  • Banned

    I'd argue that the more open ended Mario games like 64 would benefit greatly from dual analog instead of using the Stylus alone. I guess I won't have to wait too long for people to realize that since Mario Odyssey will most likely go in that direction given the design of the Switch controller layout.

    Unless of course they make it so the game can be played with one joy-con....

  • Let it be known here, that @CGamor7 hates FFVII! I only used the 3x speed option (perfect for grinding to level 99, getting all limit breaks, all the chocobo races, etc.) and still got the platinum. I can't speak on if the other options lock you out of trophies.

  • @jipostus Yea R2 doesn't hold up as well either. Tried playing the campaign a few times and just couldn't get through it. But its shooting mechanics have aged a bit better than FOM.

    Its co-op was a god send. Multiple pathways and different enemy patterns kept things fresh. Valve should have taken notes from R2 for L4D2. Too bad I was in the midst of a very demanding college semester when R2 came out. As I was decimating the PvP competition with a 70% sniper accuracy. But lost my grove, since I couldn't play for weeks at a time.

  • @-Jak-

    Cannot confirm the R2 sentiments but that game was a disappointing mess from the get go. Did I enjoy playing it, yea, but one and DONE! The servers NEVER worked for me. Ever ever ever. I played maybe 4 total hours online multiplayer after a month. I just couldn't get the game to work for me. It apparently had launch server issues but they never fixed for me.

    SP always was disappointing so I never had a reason to revisit it.

  • @GoTaco R2 surely had its mess. And was pretty much the reason R3 had a huge drop in sales. Too many changes that divided the fan base views.

    And unlike the R&C brand. Which bounced back after multiple not so good experiments. Resistance was a new IP, that did not have much brand power to spare. Having the first main 3 games play so differently from the previous game. And screw up's in the story. Just made the franchise fall apart.

  • FoM is more fun to play than RE2. While it's true that the originals controls don't conform to the cookie cutter, COD control scheme that has become so overly used ever since COD4, that's what I enjoy most about going back to it; the same goes for The Darkness 1 if we're talking that era of console FPS.

    RE2 is where Resistance lost a lot of whatever uniqueness the series had going for it. That goes for more than just the control though.

  • @-Jak-

    I don't disagree that R3 being a flop probably had a lot to do with R2's fan reception, but I also think it had a lot to do with literally every game being a shooter from 2007-2010. It was how every game now is open world, back then they were all shooters and R3 came at a peak of our communal lethargy towards shooter games.

    R2 was super enjoyable to me, and I loved playing split-screen MP/co-op at my friends house where it worked. Like we've already touched on, they just changed too much. It became easy, it became more militaristic (a la COD), and it tried for EPIC.

    It's probably one of the more sad series ends from last gen because RFoM is a very underrated shooter and R2 was a very ambitious sequel but it just lost the steam it deserved.

    OT: Do we all agree it doesn't hold up? Like I said, it was a one and done for me so I never went back and played it.

  • After reading this discussion, I wanted to leave my thoughts on the series:

    I like them. All of them. Quite a bit actually. But R2's giving up the weapon wheel was an incredible letdown. Each has their pros and cons. For me, I like 1, 3, then 2 with 1 being great and 2 being passable. Does it hold up? It depends what your interest in the series and games are. To me, they do. To others, I highly doubt it. Either way, I think we can all agree 3 looks the best.

  • anybody read the companion novels? I loved them