Does it Hold Up?

  • @FF7Cloud I've got them both and I agree.

  • I'd say Mario 64 is a big one for me. The game blew me away when it first came out. However, as a pioneering game, things have progressed a great deal since then.

    I feel a lot of games from the N64 era don't hold up. It was a transitioning phase for the industry. Developers were experimenting and figuring out that pesky 3rd dimension.

  • @Kaminski Honestly, I'm fairly disappointed nearly every single time I bust out my N64 now as well - with the exception of Mario Kart. It's strange how it shares a generation with the PS1 but there's still so many classics there I continue to play over and over. Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy Tactics, Symphony of the Night.. too much goodness on that console.

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    Early 3d doesn't hold up graphically and control wise.

    The N64 controller is a bad designed controller, I agree that MK64 is probably the best game that holds up

    What you mention on the ps1, two rpgs which don't have cameras issues and a 2d action platformer, they will hold up better game play wise than more exploratory 3d games.

    I think games like Mario 64 and OOT are still good, but they aren't great today like the ps1 games you mentioned

  • Loooove early 3D aesthetics. Probably my favorite 'look' in gaming.

  • @Ringedwithtile said in Does it Hold Up?:

    Loooove early 3D aesthetics. Probably my favorite 'look' in gaming.

    Same for me. My N64 still gets very frequent use.

  • I think I like realistic PS2 graphics. Okami's great, but there's something about those a little hazy 6th gen games that adds a lot of atmosphere. It reminds me of how Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask look in a way, beautiful in art direction and the aesthetics of level design as opposed to selling the game with high fidelity, anime character designs, or grand vistas.

  • GBA sprites til I die.

  • definitely Earthbound! the pixel art is very colorful and exceptionally well done (especially that Kraken battle the music is amazing, with catchy tunes and musical genres jumping all over the place. what a game! :D