Anxiety over clearing games

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    Hi people,

    So yesterday I had my first "full day" of sitting down and playing games since a few months back. I was really exited to finally get to play games and clear some stuff out of my backlog.

    However, after a couple of hours of playing skyrim HD I started to get this nagging feeling in the back of my head. "I've already spent 300 hours on this game on PS3, I should play something new". I switched over to The Last guardian, played that for a while before I got stuck on a puzzle and was thinking "omg I also have FF 15!" I almost felt a small panic for "wasting time" being stuck when I have other games to progress in, collect trophys and its almost as if I'm scared to get new games and want to finish them all at the same time. Have you experienced similar things before? how did you handle it?

    Before christmas I ended up buying Darksiders HD as it was a game I knew I could play and finish (done it before). Now when I think of new games, like horizon and Mass effect Im scared I might not like them or get stuck and not finishing them! How do I get out of this visious circle and how do I clear my backlog without stressing through it?


  • Play what you want to play. Play the games you have fun playing.

    Games are about fun, relaxation and a bit of escapism. It doesn't matter if you never clear your backlog or never get to certain games. That is a good problem to have since that means you will always have something to play. The luxury of choice isn't something everyone has, so embrace it.

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    @suplextrain Huh, I havent really seen it like that before actually.... You do bring up a good point there!

    I should be happy over having "too many games" to pick between. The problem occurs though when you want to play them all at once, how do you prioritise?

  • @Lotias said in Anexiety over clearing games:

    The problem occurs though when you want to play them all at once, how do you prioritise?

    If one particular game doesn't spring to mind, but several, then I either play all of them a short while, consider if I can beat one of them quickly or I do certain tricks that help me decide.
    One such trick is the coin flip trick: pick a game for each side, flip the coin, if you want to re-flip the coin then play the game that didn't win. If there's a bunch of games I tend to make a list then then go over them in this manner: X or Y, which game would I rather play right now if I could only pick one, until I arrive at a single winner.

    I personally tend to play 2-4 games at once that are a bit different from one another so I don't get burned out on one particular style of game. Right now I'm playing Nier Automata, finishing Pillars of Eternity, replaying Tactics Ogre while I'm on the go on my PSP and a little bit of Ghost Recon Wildlands with my friends. I'll probably start Turok 2 tonight.
    If I can't beat one of them before Mass Effect comes out I'll most likely put one of them on hold until I feel like playing it again.

  • It's kind of sad when I realized that there just isn't enough time in the world to play all of them. If only Kyle's hyperbolic time chamber was a real thing. Still, this applies to most every thing in life: media, knowledge, travel, experiences... But realizing it is pretty liberating. I finally understood that the goal isn't to complete some arbitrary checklist, but rather enjoy the journey. So never feel guilty about "taking a knee" in Skyrim to admire the foliage. Games are all about bringing you that sense of entertainment, experience, and escapism, whether it's a new experience or one you've enjoyed a dozen times over. It's like a relationship: it's great to go out and do new things together, but some of my most precious, cherished moments are when we keep it simple and spend a regular afternoon at home like we've done a hundred times already.

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    @Billy Yeah I see what you mean! Im not really sure what "triggers" it in me though! its almost like I feel a bit of shame for not playing the latest games when they still are smoking hot and new! But I see what you mean, maybe its okey to see same stuff again.

  • While I may not have anxiety over finishing a game, I do experience some apprehension when I start one. Most of I've been playing over the last few months are pretty large experiences and my free time has been limited. So for me, I ask myself, "Is this something I want to start that will take several weeks, if not months?"

    That apprehension fades when the game is at least really good, but I enjoy as much as I can up until the end. THEN it kicks in. Luckily, I have my next few projects planned out, so that helps as well. To echo what has been said here: It's all about priority and interest.

    Look at it this way: Whatever you decide, you can't go wrong! ;-)

  • I don't experience anxiety. But the one thing I do experience is that if I don't get the game at release, the chances of me getting it drop by 95%. When I do get a game i need to focus on it and only it or I risk putting it down and not wanting to return to it, which has happened to FFXV, Dark Souls 3 and Resident Evil 7. I'll finish resident evil, but souls burnout and FFXV being meh makes it hard to return to.

    Now that Mass Effect is out, I will make a point to focus on that and probably put down overwatch for the time being until I beat it. I've never been able to handle multiple games at the same time. I like to be focused deeply into one. Before, when I had more time it was easy to finish games within the week. But now that I'm very busy it takes way longer and binge sessions don't happen anymore.

    I've discussed backlogs before, I don't care for the construct. But in gaming it's hard. A game releases and we all want to be part of the conversation, the idea if we don't get it now, spoilers will be everywhere and there will be a bazillion more games to play by the time u even think about touching a game from a year ago.

    The only reason the market can handle such an over saturation of games is because ppl love spending money on things they won't even play for 6 months to several years if they ever play it at all. But that another topic.

    Don't feel anxiety. I know it's overwhelming when you have several unfinished games sitting there. Just ask yourself if some of them or worth continuing. If so, I think it is best to focus on one at a time in my opinion.

  • I don't want to repeat what others have posted, but games should be an enjoyable experience, so play what you enjoy at your own pace :)

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    @Brannox Yeah that is true! I've picked up The Last guardian again and playing it "without stressing", Ive realised Im towards the end and I am enjoying it now 10x more than when I first started it in December knowing that I "had" to finish FF 15.

    @CGamor7 Yeah I have really been thinking after reading the responds in this thread, like do I "have" to finish them all at once? I just started to enjoy The Last Guardian and I think I now will finish it in the next couple of days to then just dive into Mass Effect next week!

    I hope that I can cut out the stress out bit and just enjoy the experience for what they are meant to be, fun games!

  • I can't play as much nowadays, while I also prefer to play for short periods. I actually have three games yet to finish, and I feel they could last me through the summer. I'm trying to recover the mindset I had as a kid, of playing the games as a distraction and not as a chore. The main drawback is the impact it has on the games I get, because now I have to consider how much dedication I must put into it, and how easy is it to just grab for a few minutes. I also think about how much it differs from my other games, because I want to have varied options for my different moods.

  • Unless a game is THAT good I'm typically playing 3+ games on any given week, or just nothing cause it's difficult to find something to hold my interest these days.

    But if I ever have to choose something and stick to it like say for streaming purposes, I'll always pick whatever interests me the most or whatever has the shortest clear time.

    Open world games you kind of have to just accept that unless you rush the main quest that it'll be the type of game you play over a long period, which is perfectly ok, that means every time you jump back in (If you don't forget what you were doing) you'll always have a goal with any of the collectables and side content those games tend to have.

    But in any case you can't force a game on yourself, you should never be afraid to put a game down if it's boring you or making you salty, otherwise if it gets to be too much and you quit after THAT, you may never go back to it.

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    @ZyloWolfBane That has been like me lately, my everyday life don't have time for many hours a week to play games! I guess though its a bit on how your priorities as well. Its been a period where Ive been reading and done other stuff around rather than playing games as well.

    Also I like what you are saying with putting games down. Like with the Last guardian I didn't touch it for half of January and all of feb because I almost burnt out on it! I just started again because "I wanted something new" instead. Now when I played it with some perspective (thanks guys!) and with the mind "don't need to stress" I am really enjoying it! Will most likely try and finish it tonight

  • I'm like a lot of people and have far too many games to play them all as much as I would like to. A godsend for me personally has been the PS4's suspend/ resume feature, which makes playing games so much more achievable as you can (majority of the time anyway, Bloodborne looking at you) simply pause the game and do whatever chores are needed. It's definitely helped me tackle the bigger games like Horizon and Watch Dogs.

    Echoing other's thoughts, I think we follow games media so much nowadays that we feel like we're "behind" if we don't play and complete games within a few weeks of release. Which is a dangerous mindset to have and impacts the enjoyment of games as whole, in my opinion. I'm currently watching Gopher's playthrough of the Witcher 3 (a nearly 2 year old game) and it's so refreshing to watch him "take a knee" and read things I would've simply scanned though, in order to quickly move on to the next mission. Need to take a leaf out of his book.

  • While I don't have the exact problem of needing to "finish" games, I do constantly have I suppose "anxiety" over what I could be playing. If I'm knee deep in a game enjoying it, I don't care at what pace I'm going, if I've played the game before, etc. But for games I'm "this is alright" on, the SECOND I feel out of touch with a game, the thought of "why am I playing this when there are a ton of amazing games out there to play" crops up, and 9 times out of 10 I hard drop the game. Free time is so hard to come by these days that I feel like I'm not using it to its fullest playing anything other than an amazing game.

  • I pretty much play one game nowadays. That being Destiny. And while I wouldn't have been ok with the idea of playing largely one game in the past couple of years. As I will miss out on so many other games. Its very budget friendly. PvP Crucible with clan buddies, provides a continually changing social experience. And its very well supported by Bungie.

    I do need to take a break here and there to play other games. So my interest in Destiny will remain strong. But I'm not worked up much about playing just one game for the most part. It helps though that there is only a handful of games I would really be interested in playing now.