Should I spend money on buying more PS VITA games?

  • I bought Persona 4 Golden recently and I'm inclining towards purchasing Gravity Rush Remastered on PS4. I am looking for some suggestions of PS VITA games that are worth the money and time to sync my head into.

  • Do you have a PS3?

  • Yes, I have.

  • I have picked up things here and there, digital and otherwise, and as long as I continue to use the console it's totally worth it to me.

  • I have so many Vita games. It really depends how much you'll use it. I use it more as an indie/classic machine.

  • Honestly, once I bought a PSTV, I started focusing more on Vita games, especially when given the option between PS4/Vita. Being able to play on the big screen or portable makes a huge difference. It's basically a less expensive Switch with a better selection of games.

  • If you like grid based strategy RPGs in the vein of tactics, yes.

    If you like dungeon crawling RPGs, yes.

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    If its something you enjoy its deffo worth buying, especially if you get much enjoyment out of it! I would say Tearaway (which currently are free on PS+) are worth getting. Other than that, at least I have enjoyed Escape Plan a lot, works perfectly in really short stints as well as long plays of puzzling. My next purchase will most likely be YS: Memories of Celceta as Ive heard good stuff about it and want to give the YS series a go.

  • Banned

    Dragon's Crown
    Digimon Cybersleuth
    Trails of Cold Steel
    Axiom Verge
    Killzone Mercenary
    Persona 4 Golden
    Odin Sphere
    Dangan Ronpa
    Toukiden Kiwama
    Soul Sacrifice Delta

    The Vita actually has a pretty dope ass library.