Indie Gem Thread - Games The Allies Might Not Have Heard About

  • I game that I am looking at to get when it comes out is looks really fun

    When this game gets to a more finished state I want to ask Ben if he'll stream it. It's such a jolly, relaxing time waster.

  • Youtube Video

    Steam Score: Very Positive
    Reminiscent media: Plants vs Zombies, Recettear, Nurse Hitomi's Monster Infirmary
    Time to Beat: 14 hours

    Thoughts: Unholy Heights is a couple years old at this point but it went largely under the radar when it released. It is a spin on the tower defense genre where you play as the Devil and manage an apartment complex for monsters. It is definitely not a game for everyone, it can get mindless at times, but you can easily adjust the speed to get things moving and there is a good amount of difficulty because of the apartment management system. At $4 though, it certainly won't break the bank!

    You must decorate each unit to entice various monsters to move in, collect their rent, build your complex, and defend from human invaders. Each monster class has their own attack style, strengths and weaknesses which you want to keep in mind while you decide who to have move in and individual monsters have their unique stats, hobbies, and jobs. There are tiers to each monster class and you'll have to please the lower ranks in order to recruit the most powerful monsters in each class, but space is limited so you'll have to pick your favorites and focus on those. Some classes also don't get along with one another, which you need to keep in mind as you assign neighbors. If you have two compatible monsters in your building, they may fall in love, move in together, and produce children with stronger stats. Monsters might be killed during raids if you're not careful or you may need to evict them if they are a deadbeat who doesn't pay rent on time... but maybe their battle skills make them useful enough to keep around even if they're broke.

  • @fettouhi I Played Beat Cop for a while and it's a fun time management game. You have to do a daily quota of - for example - parking tickets, but also you're trying to investigate some dirty dealings that got you busted down to being a glorified meter maid from Homicide. You have to watch the clock because all you've got is your 8hr shift, and other police work will come up to take up your time. You can decide to take bribes or not, you can try to get involved with organized crime, etc. Can be frustrating and repetitive, but also nerve wracking and fun. Seems like there could be a good story payoff. Excited for it to release.

  • @fettouhi We know at least one Ally is looking forward to this game ;)

    Youtube Video

  • According to the schedule Brad will be streaming Momodora today, some might want to check it out later

  • Just wrapped up the Momodora stream. A good time and many allies were asking about the game. Thanks Brad for covering it!

  • Great thread idea.

  • @logic__error said in Indie Gem Thread - Games The Allies Might Not Have Heard About:

    @fettouhi We know at least one Ally is looking forward to this game ;)

    Youtube Video

    Holy muchachos! Thanks for posting! Didn't even know this video existed :)

  • just wanted to let people know that is launching today. So if you are looking for a old school point and click game check it out

  • another nice little thing people might not know is that planescape torment is coming out remastered in 2 weeks

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