What's Your Passion Project?

  • We've all got that one thing that we really want to make. Maybe you aren't actively working on it but it's been in the back of your mind forever like "wow that's a good idea, I should do that someday". No need to spill the details since I understand wanting to keep the specifics to yourself until you can make it. What's that one thing? A novel, a movie, a game?

    For me it's more of a story I want to tell. I started working on it about 7-8 years ago (which is a long time for someone who's in college), and though I originally wanted to make it a novel (and still kind of do), for a year or 2 I've been working on how to make it into a game. I think about the characters and the world almost constantly, every new life experience is something I could use to make the story better. For me,it's what I want to be my crowning achievement in my career. I can't give away the gimmick but I'll call it, giving a different perspective on turn based RPG's.

  • I think the closest thing for me would be movie prop building/collecting.

    I've always been really interested in movies, props, effects, etc. and a few years ago started building and collecting props and prop replicas. I love learning about the history and techniques involved in making props and costumes for films and then trying it out myself. With each project I get a little better at the craft.. painting/weathering, using tools and machining, improving the accuracy to the original (really important for me) etc. Its a lot of fun and there's a ton to learn for each project.

    Here's a couple examples of Star Wars props I made.

    alt text

    alt text

    I'm also slowly putting together a set of stormtrooper armor in the hope of joining the 501st Legion and recently finished up a pretty accurate Indiana Jones (Raiders) costume.

  • I will like to buy a nice piece of land. No more than an acre, probably half an acre. And build a small, custom modular home on that land.

    It will be based on the small home movement. Of smaller than average homes, to save on energy costs. Lower mortgage and tax payments. Maximize every inch of space, as why pay thousands for space you don't use or need. Which will also force my family to prioritize what do we really need and have space for when shopping. Saving additional money that can be invested elsewhere, such as fun and educational experiences.

  • I have a bunch of video game and board game ideas knocking around in various states. I try to work on them when I can but progress is always slow because I am working on too many things at once!

  • A game, as somewhat spiritual successor to my GOAT Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon on N64, to bring the characters and universe to life I have developed in my crazy head for a long time (started as DBZ fanfiction but eventually became its own thing).
    I have no education in game development but when some indie dev called From Soy Sauce started a tutorial series on YT, using only free to download software, I gave it a try.
    I have so far a few N64 tier polygon models (it's the graphic style I am going for) and a 5 chapter long story, but sadly the tutorial stopped and my motivation faded away for a while. I still want to continue though, I care a lot about my universe and already have ideas for a sequel (>_>).
    The thing is I basically can play through the entire thing, from prologue to epilogue, in my head (minus unimportant NPC comments) while constantly developing it, I have all the ideas but I just lack the talent to realize it.
    I wish I was rich and could pay others to create my vision.

  • During my High School Senior Project, my art teacher told me that my art projects can have a story behind them. So, I decided to make my project an attempt at writing a sci-fi/fantasy novel. I read a lot of books and manga by that time and was considered for nomination as best female-artist in my Senior class, so at this point I thought I could make it work. I created a contract for any of my classmates who wanted to participate by ready my weekly chapters; in fact, I had ten chapters in all and each chapter had at least ten pages. At the end of each chapter, I asked for their opinion on what they thought about the chapter, what their favorite part was, the most surprising part and what they want to see next or want to change. It was absolutely fun. Needless to say, my Art teacher and English teacher gave me high praises. I should mention that I didn't learn to read until second grade, as English is my second language. It goes to show how important reading is, because without it, my passion and drive would not be at the level it is today.

    Today, as an older adult, I still have my Senior Project in my possession and hoping to make edits to the story and bring it back to life. Currently, I'm working on a different story which I hope to publish by the end of the year or early 2017. This story is more Dystopian society and has a bit of Final Fantasy 8 inspired. I like FF8 a lot mind you, even though a lot of people at the time were upset that both 7 and 8 were veering off the medieval fantasy off the original FF series.

    In the end, I hope that the young generation of today can find inspiration from books, video games, manga, anything. Because building our imagination and using it to full capacity to create stories to share with other people is such a fun thing to do :)

    Vannary S.

  • I either want to create a Youtube channel or a blog (I constantly flip-flop over both) that curates an album and a game together, trying to find similar themes among the work and compare how they highlight each other's strengths. Think something similar to that Dinner and a Movie show that used to air, but with a more critical view and way worse jokes. I also have an idea for something much more time-intensive - a sketch comedy show based around three characters that take the persona of game difficulties, (easy, medium, and hard) and analyze the differences between these modes for any given game while using hyperbole to really drive home the jokes. Lack of equipment and life distractions are really holding me back but one day... one day.

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    I have this story which I began writing like 4 years ago... I had this huge universe in my head and loads and loads of notes/research. Yet I have only managed to do about 20 pages so far... I just.. dunno haha.

    I am also working on a 2D RPG game in Unity, only worked on it for like 2 months.. but I always tend to "forget" about it and got other things to do, which is a shame.

  • Writing a novel would be really neat, but the problem is my current ideas would be pretty much ripping off other books/games/movies I have seen. There is an idea I came to yesterday that would be interesting, and would involve a vaguely similar mechanic to the iPhone game, Chaos Rings from SquareEnix. But what I am looking at would be pretty significantly different, and potentially some elements of Childhood's End.

    But I know shit about writing, so who knows.

  • A webcomic. I have a story I've been working on for four or so years, an all-ages adventure comic. I have a lot of it already plotted out with a couple drafts of scripts, a lot of the world history in scattered notebooks, characters and designs I'll probably never have the chance to actually use. My goal is to launch it in a year, but with the way I work - slowly - and how much of a perfectionist I am I'll be lucky to make that goal.

  • @ReelBigRhea Good luck with your project!

  • @ThatMartime Thanks!

  • I love making up characters and stories but I'm not the best at writing so that sucks. I have a si-fi and fantasy story I would love to make somehow, whether it be a game, novel or otherwise.

  • My friends and I have a website with our gaming opinions and other stuff on their. we started a podcast and just do it in our spare time for fun. Easy Allies really inspired us to push it a little more and we're having a blast doing it.

  • Well, lucha libre is probably my greatest passion. Whether I'm talking about it on my podcast Spandexistential Thoughts, working as Editor in Chief on a lucha libre magazine called Rudo Can't Fail or collecting obscene amounts of lucha libre masks, I'd say that my life is pretty wrapped up in it. It's gotten so far that my office (I work for a not-for-profit) is decorated with all of the masks I have and my co-workers don't think I'm crazy, so that's a plus.

    alt text

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in What's Your Passion Project?:

    I either want to create a Youtube channel or a blog (I constantly flip-flop over both) that curates an album and a game together...

    You could always do both. A blog that links to your videos and elaborates in the text. At any rate, it's a really cool idea, so I hope you pursue it.

  • TL;DR - Converting a school bus into an RV

    If there's one thing I've learned about myself, it's that I'm terrible at completing my projects. I'm amazing at beginning them, and at trying all kinds of new things, but finishing them...well, I never seem to get around to that part, because some other hobby catches my interest. I think my next unfinished project should be to catalog all my other unfinished projects.

    Sure, I have a couple semi-baked game projects, currently stalled at the "Learning Unity" phase, that I may get back to someday, but I don't want to say too much about those.

    But thing is, lately I can't shake the idea of buying a used school bus and converting it into an RV. The idea started because for reasons beyond my control, I live in a tiny town an hour away most of my friends in what passes for The Big City in Iowa. I can't really go out drinking with them without arranging a place to crash for the night, and not only do I not like imposing, I sleep poorly in my own bed most of the time.

    So I get thinking, if I had a nice 70's-style conversion van--no, a bus!--I could drink all night, stumble "home" and crash out. "Where you staying tonight, Dave?" "Walnut Street bridge, by the old library."

    But the more I thought about it... See, I work almost entirely from home, and my youngest kid is only 5 years short of 18. If I had decent cellular internet and a bus/home, I could literally travel the country, live on the road, see friends and family everywhere, and still do my job to support my vagabond lifestyle. I wouldn't need a house or an apartment, so that money could go towards diesel fuel.

    I kinda really, really want to do this. It's just I'm afraid that I'll save up the money and buy a bus just to watch it rust away in my driveway while I take up hog calling or some shit.

  • @Mortambulist A good friend of mine did that recently.. put in beds, desk, storage, small kitchen. Its pretty awesome. He's using it to tour all the national parks for a film project

  • I want to create a 2-D platformer game.. I have started experimenting a little with Unity Engine. I can handle the programming part of it, but I suck at designing aspects. Character and environment setup is extremely hard for me. I am moving at a very slow pace, but hopefully one day i will be able to complete atleast 1 level of the game. Thats my target for now..