EZAllies at GamesCom 2016?

  • Hi Allies!
    Me and 2 friends are travelling down to Cologne(Köln) to attend Gamescom this year, which will be our first ever convention outside our own country.
    And I would like to know if there are perhaps other allies who are also going there this year.
    This question is mainly directed at fans of EZA but the EZA-crew are more then welcome to answer as well of course.

    I will be there mainly on the Friday, but will try to attend on the Saturday as well.

    So how about it? GamesCom 2016 anyone?

    Love & Respect

    P.s. If I have violated any forum rules with this post or anything, please tell me and I will correct it.

  • I don't think any allies are going to be there.

    Es tut mir leid

  • Will be there on thursday. I am never ever going there on a saturday anymore. Thursdays are Busy but saturday and sundays are absurd.

  • @RomanGamepire Have you ever been there on a friday? If so, how are they?

  • Uhm i don't believe i did but i think it is less busy than saturday. But expect to play about 5 to 8 games a day. Lots of long lines. And a tip before you go in a long line. Ask up front if the game is playable. Because lots are only demonstrations that you can see on youtube. Have fun.