Easy Allies Community Podcast! (?)

  • Hi, allies!
    I've been kicking around an idea for a while, and was wondering what your opinions on it would be. Kinda Funny community members have been doing this for a while, and I thought it'd be cool to bring it over to the EZA side of things.

    I'm proposing a community podcast (hosted by me) where I'd interview fellow members of the EZA community about their experience with EZA. I'm not entirely sure about the details (how, when, where, etc.), but I'd just like to gauge your thoughts on this.

    Would this be something you'd like to listen to/appear on?

    I've been hosting my own podcast for a while now, but my commitment to it has been wavering due to it being a solo podcast. I think it'd be an awesome way for me to continue podcasting while providing a unique perspective on the EZA community.

    So, what do you think?

  • @cosmo6871 I would be very into this

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    As I wrote in the facebook post: I think this would only connect the community even more! a chance for us to get to know each other even if there are huge distance between us! I mean skype could always work for this and I think this would increase the family spirit here! I would be happy to help if needed!

  • I would love to take part in this!

  • Sounds like a great idea to me, I'd love to take part :).

  • I would love for this to exist and I'd definitely be interested in making an appearance!

  • I'm in. This could be very fun.

  • I would certainly love to be involved.

  • I would certainly love to watch this. Once you come up with the finer details, announce the name and I'll watch as much as I can!!!

    Love and Respect everybody.

  • I would definitely watch this! :)

  • Sure sign me up for listening/ appearing on (depending on if my schedule allows for it)

    He could just call it something simple like the EZA Community Podcast, simple to the point, and also informs people that those "Appearing" (just assuming its voice only or something) on it are part of the community here.

    But yeah id also like to hear more about the finer details, what kind of topics are going to be brought up, how frequently will this be recorded and other things like that.

  • I hope this would be a thing that would be persist for a while if it's done. Wasn't there already at something like this?
    Either way I'm in.

  • I like it! It'd be cool to hear different stories of how everyone came to appreciate EZA.

  • @Nillend
    I think someone tried once, but never got around to updating people about it

  • I'm not too keen on my voice, but I can do audio clean up for people with dodgy mics etc. :)

  • @dramaticslowmo nobody likes the sound of their own voice, myself included.

    @cosmo6871 this is a cool idea and a fun way for the community to really get to know one another. It will likely require a fair bit of planning and work but I would guess you'd know more about the work involes since you're already running a podcast. I'd definitely watch something like this

  • cool idea how would the interviews work though over party chat?

  • I'd love to listen to this, and take part if possible too! If you need any help to bounce ideas around or organize this, feel free to hit me.

  • @FF7Cloud I was thinking we could chat over PS4 party chat if possible. Maybe even chat while playing some games.

  • I happen to love the sound of my voice, but I'm narcissist that way :-)

    However, I don't have any good mics so I would definitely need some audio assist. Love the idea of play games and talking, but I'm not always in the zeitgeist with the most recent games. Current exception is P5...