Game moments that you aren't proud of

  • I used to main Dan Hibiki.

  • I've done far too many things to get achievements I'm not proud of. Playing kids games I HATED and rubber banding my controller thumbsticks together to keep Superman flying in the Superman Returns game to get the "X number of miles flown" achievement.

    I still enjoy achievements, but I'm not as bad about it now...I don't think I need an intervention...yet.

  • @TokyoSlim When SF4 came out I tried to do the win 5 games in a row trophy or whatever. Had the worse luck winning with ken or ryu. But when I switched to Dan I did it first try. So I guess I main Dan hibiki as well.

  • @PlayerPi I haven't played a street fighter game in years. I'm glad Dan is still playable. He's such a troll character. haha.

  • Playing PSO for so long that when me and my cousin stopped playing the disc snapped from the cold air of the AC. (Not entirely sure if that's what caused it but it's the closest thing we can figure as being the cause)

    Selling "rare, limited print, Japan only" games at a rather gullible pawn shop (all I did was print out the JPN boxart for some pretty common games.

    Not really my fault (More my brother and his choice of friends) but having a few of my gamecube and PS2 games stolen (Soul Caliber 2, RE4, Spiderman 2, Ultimate Spiderman, Yakuza 1&2)

    Not really sleeping during the first week of MGS5's release (Played from midnight up to 2 hours before work, showered, changed, worked, came home and started playing again, rinse an repeat)

  • Using a bottle to insta-win at track and field.
    Trying to look up vanilles skirt.
    Playing most of baldurs gate on easy mode.
    Playing the sims.
    Liking the new Dante better then the old Dante.
    Convincing all my friends to buy evolve and then never playing it.

    To name a few.....

  • In regards to myself, crankin that age up in DOA 2 for more bounce. And just sitting there crouching and standing to test the physics...

    In regards to an actual in game moment, well a few years ago I left Road Rash for PSX in my PS3. This was the dedicated DVD/Blu Ray player of the apartment at the time. My roommate had a girl over and they were trying to load up the DVD player, trying to figure it out. They end up accidentally loading Road Rash. That opening intro FMV can be a bit questionable if you're not a gamer or weren't around during that time in gaming. They don't age well. The post race FMVs are funny to walk into as well. Kinda polarizing when you're expecting to see "How I Met Your Mother".

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  • I used summoning on most boss fights in the Dark Souls series.

    I am jolly, but at what cost?

  • @Ellis said in Game moments that you aren't proud of:

    Convincing all my friends to buy evolve and then never playing it.

    To name a few.....

    A friend almost got me on this one.... but I played the beta.... I knew what was up.

  • I was playing puzzle part on Quartu in Rathcet & Clank when I saw this little robobuddy waving to me. I just wanted to make a bridge.. he trusted me.. but something went wrong and he died in lava.. Damn you designers of R&C for making this robots so cute!