Game moments that you aren't proud of

  • Greetings fellow Allies.. Sometimes games ask us to make difficult decisions or force us to do things that we later regret...

    I'd like to tell a story about a younger Faaip.. a more adventurous and eager Faaip who had dreams of getting the achievement for completing all the campaigns in Left 4 Dead 2 on expert. I'm not sure why I felt the need to begin this foolhardy quest.. maybe I wanted to challenge myself, maybe I wanted to see just how hard it was, or maybe I wanted people on steam to think I was cool for completing it. Whatever the reason, I confidently began the task.

    Dead Center was difficult and it took a few tries.. but after working out a cooperative system with my team to quickly fill the car with gas, I was able to move on. Weeks passed.. Swamp Fever was a hellish nightmare, but with brute force and a little bit of luck, I was able to complete that campaign as well. Finally I had arrived at the final and most difficult campaign.. The Parish.

    By now I had spent dozens of hours in my quest to claim the coveted award. I was a veteran zombie killer.. a master of strategy and survival, but this final test proved too much for me. After countless attempts and a few trolling teammates, I began to wonder if it were even possible to cross the bridge at the finale. Too many times had we been beaten over and over, until one by one, people abandoned the game. Eventually the game broke me and before I gave up completely, I gave it one more try.

    Things went smoothly for much of the campaign.. in fact I couldn't believe how well my team worked together and how successful we were at defeating the hordes at every turn. But like always, the bridge stopped us cold. Time and time again we threw ourselves at the bridge, hoping we would discover a new tactic or route that would allow us to reach the helicopter safely, but all our efforts were in vain. We decided to give it one more try, my last try..

    We took off across the bridge, spraying down infected and trying to avoid the specials. I was in the front of our group the the tank came. I deftly dodged him before he was able to strike me down, but my teammates weren't so lucky.. One my one they were taken down and killed by the swarm, but somehow I was still alive. My heart raced as I saw the helicopter approaching. Without a second thought and with my team's anguished cries for help ringing in my ears, I dashed toward the helicopter and boarded it.. saving myself and leaving my team to die.. I gained credit for the completion of the level, but my team did not. I saw the achievement notification flash across my screen. My quest was finished, but at what cost? I am still haunted by the memory of the bridge and of my teammate's pleas for help as I ignored them for my own glory. One thing is certain though, I was no longer the same Faaip I was when I began the journey, so long ago.

    Thank you for listening to my story, this is the first time I've talked about it... probably should have been a blog

    So, what decisions have you had to make that you later regretted? When did a game make you feel bad about an action that you took?

  • I died on the 1st Goomba in New Super Mario Bros. U, mind you I'm 33 and game since the 80's, I saw the Goomba and of course wanted to jump on him, but I had no idea how jumping feels in this game and I jumped to early landing right in front of him.

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    One of the things that springs to mind... First Fable game. I had borrowed a PC copy of my friend, played it through as super nice and now decided to start a playthrough as evil. I squinted my eyes and giggled evil as I began my journey. Went to the cheeting husband, took the gold, ran down to the wife and told her. A grin slowly appeared on my face as I approached the bully and the girl with the teddy. I went up spoke to them both.... Went into the boys side. Bullied the girl...

    As soon as she started to cry and ran off, I felt my heart drop to my feet, I covered my mouth with my hands and shouted out "oh my god what have I done!?" at the same time as tears appeared in my eyes. I immidely quit, restarted as good and played through as a nice guy. I still felt really bad for a long time.

  • I've spent 60 dollars on loot boxes in Overwatch.

    But dat Mecha Queen Pharah skin tho.

  • Similar to what Jergingha said, I spent far more money on TF2 store transactions back in the day than I'm willing to tell anyone. All I'm gonna say is that it was a legitimate issue and I do not miss playing that game at all.

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    Renegade Shepard vs Mordin in Mass Effect 3

    Made me feel pretty pretty bad.

  • I used to be that guy. You know the one. You both exchange a few bullets in the heat of combat. You duck into cover to reload, ready to take cover and oh no - there I am. With a shotgun. To your face. This normally wouldn't be such a bad thing but I ended the skirmish with no honor. Before you know it, you can see my polygonal crotch lower onto your face. Back up, back down, in a slow rhythmic celebration of death and tea bags. I've since reformed my ways but it is definitely rough always living with the fact that I used to play multiplayer games like that AND thought it was hilarious at the time.

  • @Lotias @BabyfartsMcgeezaks Yeah I always have trouble playing as a bad guy in games.. I always end up feeling terrible.

    I'll also make a mention of dropping the baby penguin off the map in Super Mario 64.. there's no reason for it but I always do it and always feel bad

  • A younger me thought that the best way to avoid killing the shiny Magby (first shiny I'd ever seen) was to send in Oshawott and use bubble. DUMBEST DECISION.

    There was also that time I played 5 hours of Okami without saving and then proceeded watch my console shut off due to a power outage.

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    Oh you really are the worst kind of person...

    For not only would you sully my experience, such a display had to be forcefully met in kind.

    I never disrespected my foes in such a crass manner... except when it was done to me first

    People like you dragged me down to your level... and I'm not proud to say it, but bagging a bagger in revenge always felt especially good.

  • Back when I was 7 or 8, I created my whole family in The Sims, and burned all of us in a fire over and over again.

    When my parents found out, they booked me a seance with a shrink.

  • @Ochi I don't do it anymore! The only tea bagging I partake in involves sipping on my tea thoughtfully as I watch my play of the game in Overwatch. /endsmugness

  • The first time I was ganked by a Horde player in a WoW PvP zone, I spent the next hour making his life miserable by trailing him and doing the same.

    Once was enough, but 3-4? Yeah, I was constantly shooting his back because I was an awful person.

  • Playthrough of Spec Ops: The Line... Everyone who played it knows exactly what I'm talking about, but if you haven't... Go ahead, but... Prepare for feels...

    Other than that, there was one time I was playing ADOM, there is a early quest to save a puppy for this little girl, being a good guy, of course I went to the cave after that puppy, managed to find it in time, and on my way up, there was this dark room... In that darkness, I didn't see that the dog went ahead of me, and I accidentally killed that puppy. I felt like crap after that... So bad in fact I went my way to gain a wish, so I could get her a new puppy, and I died trying...

  • What, like spanking to the DOA girls? I've probably never done that.

  • I used to main Dan Hibiki.

  • I've done far too many things to get achievements I'm not proud of. Playing kids games I HATED and rubber banding my controller thumbsticks together to keep Superman flying in the Superman Returns game to get the "X number of miles flown" achievement.

    I still enjoy achievements, but I'm not as bad about it now...I don't think I need an intervention...yet.

  • @TokyoSlim When SF4 came out I tried to do the win 5 games in a row trophy or whatever. Had the worse luck winning with ken or ryu. But when I switched to Dan I did it first try. So I guess I main Dan hibiki as well.

  • @PlayerPi I haven't played a street fighter game in years. I'm glad Dan is still playable. He's such a troll character. haha.

  • Playing PSO for so long that when me and my cousin stopped playing the disc snapped from the cold air of the AC. (Not entirely sure if that's what caused it but it's the closest thing we can figure as being the cause)

    Selling "rare, limited print, Japan only" games at a rather gullible pawn shop (all I did was print out the JPN boxart for some pretty common games.

    Not really my fault (More my brother and his choice of friends) but having a few of my gamecube and PS2 games stolen (Soul Caliber 2, RE4, Spiderman 2, Ultimate Spiderman, Yakuza 1&2)

    Not really sleeping during the first week of MGS5's release (Played from midnight up to 2 hours before work, showered, changed, worked, came home and started playing again, rinse an repeat)