Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

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    Special Edition confirmed for PAL

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  • You're drunk Marth. Go home.

  • @Yoshi oooo the special edition is calling to me because of the Amiibo! Where is it avaibalbe to pre-order for PAL? It's not on the Nintendo Store :(

    I'm liking the UI changes in this and the overall approach to the visual design. It has a nice mix of modern sensibilities with the classic art style of the older Fire Emblem games.

  • I'm very excited for this game! The changes to the formula will really shake things up.

    But first, I still have to play through Fire Emblem Fates - Revelation...

  • @thenerdtheword might not be in the system for you guys yet.

    i know it wasn't in EB Games Australias system yet. i stopped in this arvo to check on my way home from work but we're pretty sure it's not there yet cause they only just announced it and it'll probs be in there tomorrow

  • I wonder what the Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia Scalpers Edition will go for once us mere peasants can buy it on Ebay.

  • So that game has been out for a while, who actually played it? What are your thoughts?

    I've been playing it on and off since launch, and I'm still not done with it (I'm halfway through Act 4, I assume that's quite close to the end).
    Overall I love the new (old) systems:

    • The dungeons are fun to explore and make for easy grinding when necessary.
    • I enjoy the stats more, a single extra point in any stat feels significant. And choosing which item to equip also makes for interesting choices, do I put a shield on my mage to compensate for its crappy defense, or put it on my tank to make sure absolutely nothing can hurt him?
    • Jumping from Alm to Celica and having essentially two different groups of characters to manage makes things fun, although it sometimes takes me a couple battles to adapt and remember who's in which group and how to use their strenghts. I also struggle a lot more with Alm's group, it feels less diverse, less mages/archers (probably because I didn't pick the right classes for my Villagers at the start).
    • The story is more focused and grounded than recent installments and I'm definitely more invested in it. You don't get bombarded with 2-3 new characters in each battle like in Fates, which allows you to actually get to know the ones you have. Voice acting is pretty good (shout-out to Mae!)
    • The rewind feature is a god-send since I play on Classic-Hard difficulty, I probably would never have made it that far without it. I hope it makes its return in the future Switch game.

    Overall I definitely enjoy it more than Fates.

  • @Axel Played it at launch. Pretty much agree with what you said, never ended up using the rewind thing though. The other thing that bothers me about the two parties is when one gets something I want someone on the other side to have and how you have limited chances at set intervals to transfer stuff between them. Also not as attached to Mae as others, partially cause I played P5 way too close to this game and can't not hear the character I disliked from that in her voice. There's so many awesome characters I love though. Genny is probably my favorite. Would've mentioned her in another thread here about your favorite characters from 2017 but since this is technically a remake of an old game, doesn't really count I guess.

    Also, since we're so far past this game now I just wanna say I'm very disappointed in how it's been treated since. The DLC that costs more than the actual game is horrible, but even worse is Warriors now only including a single character out of the great diverse cast of Echoes. Frustrates me very much as a fan of this title.

  • @Mbun Yeah it sucks that Warriors includes so many characters from Fates instead of picking from all the other games, but I guess it's the ones with the most mass appeal. And they kept some fan-favorites for DLC too. So far I'm not planning to pick it up, maybe on sale next year.

    I actually haven't looked at the DLC for Echoes at all so I have no idea what's on offer, I'll take a look. But I never got DLC for Awakening or Fates so I doubt I'll get any for this one, unless it's proper extra story content.