I <3 Mecha Games: Zone of the Enders 2

  • Zone of the Enders 2

    Basic premise: Slick action + Cool mecha + Hideo Kojima*= Amazing
    *I'm going to add Shuyo Murata to this as well since he was the director (but isn't as well known)

    A Little More In-depth: You play as Dingo, an ice miner on Mars who just happens to find a powerful Orbital Frame called Jehuty (with what has to be the most literal use of a cockpit ever). With the help of Jehuty's AI known as A.D.A, you'll dash and blast your way through the Martian landscape and skies in search for vengeance, answers, and redemption.

    Trailer (HD Remaster version):
    Youtube Video

    What's So Great About It?
    Zone of the Enders 2 is a tightly designed action game that captures the excitement of being in a mecha anime series. Weapons and their attacks are satisfying to use and appropriately flashy to dazzle the eyes. The story and dialogue are bonkers, but the earnest nature of the characters can't help but make you care about them (kind of like MGS), ultimately pushing you towards the end of the 4-6 hour campaign (quite a bit longer if you're going to 100% it).

    Aesthetically, ZOE2 is quite distinct and a testament to the team's artistic vision. It has an almost cel-shaded like appearance and the designs feel somewhat minimalist. Nothing is over-designed and detailing is focused and purposeful. This has led ZoE2 to age very well for a 13+ year old game. The mecha designs in particular are among my favorite of all time. Look up Yoji Shinkawa if you like this type of style.


    Features an appropriately up-tempo, electronic soundtrack that does the job but, it's the main theme with its chanting chorus that will stick with you long after you're done.
    The only issue I really have is the game's dub track. Overall, its pretty awful. The voice actors are fine, but the localization and direction they were given leads to some truly cringe worthy moments. Not a deal breaker by any means, but it certainly is a weak spot in an otherwise very solid title.

    The Metatron
    If you're interested in Zone of the Enders 2, I'd recommend the HD remaster (part of the ZoE HD collection) released on PS3. A patch was released to make this version the definitive one (at launch, it was a complete disaster...thanks Konami). Unfortunately, the 360 version was never patched as far as I know.

    Any other Runners out there? Share your thoughts/memories about this classic!

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    I approve of this thread... BIGTIME.

    People that havnt played this.. really should.

  • Zone of the Enders are some of the best underrated games of all time.
    approve of the thread!

  • It's a real shame the HD collection was such a disaster at launch. I never really had too high of hopes for a third ZoE game but when that happened... yeah, total bummer. At least we'll always have these two. :heart:

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    I would absolutely LOVE for a third part to come, but I kinda gave up on that a long time ago.

    I remember reading about the second game in a games magazine many years ago, thought it seemed kinda cool and one day I ran into it in my local shop. I pondered quite heavly but decided to buy it, how I never regreted that since <3

    I remembering starting it up, I loved the intro cinematics and couldnt wait to get started. However, after not realising that I could jump with triangle super high I was stuck in the start area for a while. Did one of those high jumps by mistake and went off on my adventure.

    I quickly fell in love with the cheesy dialogue and characters. The cool robot action and amazing looking explosions for its time. I remember that by the end of the game.. I cried.. a lot.

  • My brother was super good at this joint. When he played it moved like a straight up anime. Always meant to get into it a little deeper but never had the time to. Only thing that kind grinds my gears is are them Phallic-ass "cock" pits. Kojima really needs to stop putting dongs on his bots lol

  • @Lotias I actually got this game on a whim. I remember the cover catching my eye and figured "what the heck". Obviously turned out to be a great decision :smile: That part in the beginning is pretty telling actually in terms of game design. It's rare for developers to put that kind of trust in their players to just figure it out. I used to be against it, but lately I've really learned to respect that kind of thinking.

    @ZombieProof Lol, yes the cockpits do kinda stick out huh? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I'm pretty sure the designer had some deeper/artistic intentions of placing the pilot there but its just too obvious :laughing:

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    @Mechanoid haha yeah awesome decision! :D yeah its actually true now when I think about it! I kinda have a love-hate relationship to todays all tutorials and holdin your hand every step of the way. However I remember that the first chip-extra thing you can find actually are the complete opposite way, which I found by luck :D

  • @Lotias Just booted it up for a quick spin, and I totally forgot about the cutscenes with ADA explaining how to do stuff :laughing: I guess I do have rose-colored glasses when I remember this game, but damn it, its just so good