Easy Allies Has Hit 100K Subs On YouTube!

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    Congratulations to Easy Allies for reaching 100K subs on YouTube!

    The Allies and this community are nothing short of amazing individuals!

    Happy to be celebrating this awesome milestone during a great anniversary Twitch stream today by the allies. This year has been a terrific experience for us fans coming together as the best community I have ever seen. Never have I witness more continuous showing of Love and Respect by everyone.

    Thank you, Allies! Congratulations on your first year and your YouTube milestone!



  • Finally. Much deserved subs for such awesome individual who have not just give purpose to my life but also increased my admiration of video games in general. I love being part of this community and I hope everyone else feels the same. My support is eternal for this site and for the community.

  • @MSBi Can't relate and praise your sentiments enough.

  • Congratz!!!

  • sucks a little bit it happened just two days after the anniversary, but it's great to see they are finally there.

  • I am trying to get a word out in my neighborhood so that this will will double and triple by next year. I really want Easyallies to succeed which is the only source I unconditionally trust to provide us with honest opinions about video games. hard to find something like this over the internet where every bit is skewed and corrupted.

  • This was great to see happening. Congrats, EZA! Even if it didn't happen as a birthday present for the guys, it happened just in time for the actual celebration stream coming up in three hours. All's good, I'm happy for them. Some new doors will now open. :)

  • Also over $40,000 on Patreon!

    Though that will almost definitely drop after the 1st of the month. Still. A good trend!

  • More new subs than The Hunt For Red October!

  • @TokyoSlim Great move though.