Murder! Kill! Assassinate! Massacre! Slay!

  • I really loved the question on this week's podcast, "In what game did you really wish you could kill an NPC but weren't allowed to?" but I want to open it up even more to include playable characters as well. So discuss, who's on your hit list?

    For me, it's none other than Ken from Persona 3. I won't get into all the specifics to avoid spoilers, but what he did to my favorite character makes him deserve justice. I don't care if you're a little boy, you're going down!

    Runner-up goes to Preston Garvey from Fallout 4. Stop telling me about settlement quests! I don't care!

  • Doctor Tot in FFIX. I can't even explain why, but the character just annoys the heck out of me.

  • Lymle from Star Ocean 4.
    I wish I had the option to decapitate.

  • Ken's going down. There's no age limit on evil. I don't know that she really counts but I've been playing Bravely Default and I'm ready to get rid of Agnes. Is she supposed to be likable? I have no idea what her deal is but she's annoying as hell. A true NPC that needs to go however, is Illia from Twilight Princess. I don't care that she's supposed to be the love interest (Midna's best girl anyway), b*tch stole my horse.

  • Very recently I played Battlefield 4's campaign.
    The character of Irish, for about half the game, questions and gets angry at EVERYTHING!!!
    His complaints weren't even reasonable most of the time.

    Also he was the least Irish person I've ever seen, except for the inflated self importance.

  • I'm playing Fallout 4 now and I've taken a few shots at Piper when she won't stop talking... I wish your companions could die in that game. It'd make it more interesting.

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  • Hope in Final Fantasy XIII. Whiny turd.

  • Every citizen in the open world of Mirror's Edge Catalyst!
    No matter what you do they won't react.

    They're mostly all placed perfectly on the edges of tall buildings, and there's pretty much no way for you to interact with them at all.
    I suppose they are placed there to make the city feel more alive, but them being totally non-reactionary really makes the open world feel quite dead.

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    I got an old grudge, but I'll never forgive having to keep Hope around for the final fantasy xiii trilogy. It really should have been him that died instead of his mom. Really.

  • Banned

    Rico from Killzone.
    Not only is he a huge dumbass, but he is entirely responsible for the war in the third game.

  • Aeris, from FF7. I was so glad when Sephiroth finally finished that bitch.

    Nah, I'm joking. I just couldn't resist the troll. :-D

  • Any slow walking NPC that you have to follow.