Easy Allies In Concert - Live Show Recording

  • It was such a good show! I think the crowd noise was dampened/cut in post so it wasn't so overwhelming, a lot of moments probably would have been very drowned out by the crowd. I noticed the sync was very off in the table top escapades segment, they had been able to match up their mouth movements pretty well for the most part, and at the beginning of the segment the video on screen doesn't match the audio so it probably had to be added back in.

    I've got a couple of factoids I picked up from talking to some of the allies after the show and at the meet up the following day...

    Spoiler Ben didn't get his fish mask until right before he left for the show, so he didn't get to practice at all with it so he didn't know the viewing slot would be in the mouth and very small, so he had a lot of trouble walking in it. Also, it smelled terrible.
    Kyle's wizard outfit didn't get shipped in time for the show, so he had to run out and buy/rent a costume from a costume shop at the last minute. He also didn't have enough time backstage to attach the beard properly, which is why he is holding it up and it eventually falls off.

    Spoiler For Brandon's songs, everyone was present when he rehearsed them but no one knew who he would be dedicating each song to, so their reactions (some of which didn't really get filmed, unfortunately) were genuine when they found out. Kyle and Ian were getting dressed for the Fiasconauts segment so they were backstage hoping that they weren't one of the Allies who'd be called out to be serenaded, since they were still getting ready.

    That's all I got folks!

  • @logic__error I think Miles ended up with the

    fish man mask

    afterwards, because Ben didn't want it.

  • @Brannox Unfortunately the lighting wasn't something they could control. It went down a few days ago and the venue didn't fix it.

  • @tokeeffe9 Yeah, I think Mr. Hinck said something like that at in a note at the very beginning of the video, so I was expecting to have trouble watching, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. I could watch it quite clearly and it didn't impact my enjoyment of it.

  • Definitely loved being able to watch the show, since unfortunately I wasn't able to attend this year. I have to admit getting a little teared up when the Easy Update band rocked the house, Ian sounds phenomenal with a band backing him up.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Dude, YES.

  • I loved every part of this, but watching definitely solidified Ian and Bosman as two of the biggest multi-talented creative powerhouses at EZA. From the live sketch reenactments to the musical numbers, they were absolutely on top of it and rocked the house.

  • I really loved Blood's Earthbound video. Some of my favorite GT content were the random skits they would come up with, and it's great to see something in the same vein as those again.

  • How is @IanHinck so good at music? I've spent my whole life listening to instrumental music. I love piano and guitar and synths and strings. I love to move people through melodies and harmonies, but never bother to think about how lyrics can affect people. When I hear music with vocals I usually tune out of the singing very quickly and it just ends up sounding like humming, and I can never understand what is being said (I don't know if that's caused by me not listening to much vocals or if that's why I don't listen to vocals in the first place).

    Instead, those final few songs were absolutely haunting. Vocals aren't supposed to make me feel emotions! Yet somehow, Ian managed to make me cry from the power behind his words. Those songs make me want to work towards improving my life and making me the best person I can be.

  • The show was a ton of fun, I really enjoyed it! I wish the audio set-up allowed us to hear the crowd a bit more, but overall that's my only complaint. :)