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  • I think that the Patrons gave some good input this month. Mainly on the way it should be revealed. One Ally (Damiani) should read them off from 9th to 4th, then reveal 1st, then reveal 2nd.

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    I agree. I'd prefer if people used the privilege of making a new rule to create a gimmick rule, like a mandatory flag ceremony or something to do with pageantry. That's when the Allies are at their best.

    Semantic rules are so pointless.

  • Currently watching last night's anniversary stream, I'm two hours in. What's with Ian "dancing" every now and then? Something because of the camera, I've gathered.

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    @sentinel-beach I THINK its because testing to see that they dont get framedrops like they did with the games, think it was elgato problem, but not sure! I did enjoy the stream even though I could only catch the first 2 hours before having to get some sleep.

  • Okay, people. Your Pandermonium suggestion really didn't pay off, I knew it immediately. The game just hasn't aged well at all, and seeing Don play the first level for the fourth time isn't really that thrilling. Hoping for redemption from the rest of the games.

  • @lotias I don't know. He's talking about "distracting" us, so is that just to fill air, or am I missing something? I thought, too, that it had something to do with the framedrops or something. Either way, that's kind of really annoying to watch and just gives the whole stream a super weird vibe. Please come up with something else, Ian/Allies.

  • Well, that was unfortunately a pretty disappointing celebration stream. No Smash at all, Pandemonium was boring, and we'd already seen Damiani's balloon stream before. Why he had to play it alone now as well, and even for like an hour trying that one thing? The games selected just all felt somehow off for the occasion.

    And I don't think we've yet had March's tournament at all, right? Only one week left, next Tuesday. None of them seemed to know this. We've had Sims, HoG, now this 2nd anniversary, and one week left.

  • @sentinel-beach That's one thing I feel the Allies seem to miss the mark on sometimes.

    Big events like this 2nd anniversary stream are opportunities to attract brand new viewers, so I feel like they should try their best to make those appealing to a wider audience by "playing it safe" and picking popular, fun games to play as a group.

    Instead, they seem to be catering to their existing fans by playing meme, not-so-entertaining games (sorry Pandemonium). They're doing themselves a disservice in my opinion.

    Sure, this is what we love about them, and you won't find another channel that streams Pandemonium these days, but there's so many other streams where they can try off the wall ideas.

    Maybe I'll make this a Cup of Jones submission actually! :)

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    @axel said in EZA Group Streams:

    Instead, they seem to be catering to their existing fans by playing meme, not-so-entertaining games (sorry Pandemonium). They're doing themselves a disservice in my opinion.

    I mean, that was part of the vote. It was a compromise because we didn't have the exact WarioWare game that won so we played both the GBA WarioWare game we could get and the runner up (Pandemonium).

    The idea with Mario was that we were all going to play, but we ended up getting taken in by watching Damiani's obsession.

    But seriously, how is Pandemonium remotely a meme? Don brought a well presented case for the game at Hall of Greats, most of us didn't know anything about it and wanted to share in his excitement. Aside from unfortunately having to get used to it and repeating the same level, I don't see what's so bad about sharing in something Don loves.

  • @bloodworth I didn't mean to sound negative about Pandemonium, I actually enjoyed it and like I said that's one of the things that make you guys special, you don't just follow the latest trends, you celebrate all the games you personally love no matter how old or relevant they are.

    But in the case of special occasions like this anniversary stream, I still feel like casting your net wide by playing more mainstream games would be beneficial from a "business" point of view. Maybe I'm wrong, I worry too much about the numbers! :)

  • @bloodworth are you going to upload the 2nd anniversary stream to YouTube?

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    yeah, I'm at GDC this week, so I'll have to catch up on all the stream archives later.

  • I had fun with the anniversary stream. I just enjoy watching them try things I wouldn't normally play.

  • I was sad this years anniversary stream wasn't really the same as the last two years.. Two years later, I haven't watched a stream that was as entertaining as the first 12 hour launch marathon. And I enjoyed it despite disliking most of the games being played during that marathon.

  • @stormcrownn i agree, i think they were so tired from the concert and it shows by the end of the stream, but we got two ben buckles which was funny to watch.

  • Updated the tournament winners list. Maybe I should move it up to the opening post, would be much easier to find.

    Good stream. That Cloud vs Cloud match in Midgar especially was great. The music and all those summons, uuh. The Cloud mania in the end was crazy, as were the first three 8 player matches. :) Appreciated Ben and Brad's random picks, too.

  • @sentinel-beach Yeah, I just finished the anniversary stream as well and also walked away feeling disappointed. For me, I enjoy group streams when the group plays together as well... a group. While Kirby had that, it was marred by technical difficulties and Smash was cancelled due to forgetting the disc. So we're left with a bunch of single player experiences. Usually, that could be interesting as well but this particular instance saw a lot of repeating the same thing over and over. Same stage in Pandemonium!, same balloon over and over in Mario Odyssey, etc.

    Honestly, I feel like these anniversary streams would benefit from theming, as opposed to a grab bag of whatever. So instead of letting the community pick the game (which I've never honestly been a fan of, but that's an entirely different conversation) have them pick the theme. Easy Allies is a hidden gem of the internet, so maybe a stream where the Allies bring in their own hidden gems to play. We all love an uneasy alliance, so co-op games could be brought to the table. Just something that makes it seem like more of an event instead of a regular stream would work well.

    Also, maybe it's just me being a weirdo, but Ian doing that strange... dance... movement... thing actually gave me anxiety every time I saw it.

  • Not a particularly exciting group stream, sorry to say. I voted for Simpsons, so should've you. These Wii games were just all so boring, the vibes weren't there for many of the Allies, I could see. Kyle's cheat trick at the final minutes was pretty much the only part that got me laughing.

  • I absolutely cannot stand the Far Cry series but my jaw was on the floor with Jones' custom map of the intro to Resident Evil 2. This type of creativity can help bring newcomers to EZA. If a streamer or other players come across that map, they can easily be informed about EZA Patreon. I LOVE things like this. Awesome work Jones!

  • This was a pretty fun group stream after all. Imagination was used. :) Would have still liked only one winner, but hey, now we got four. I updated the winners list accordingly, and we even got a new name on it. I also moved the whole list to the opening post of this thread, so it's now much easier to find.