EZA Group Streams

  • I didn't wait to watch the MVP vote, but while the stairs was genius and turned out really well, Brad was easily the most valuable player. He was coming up with idea left and right and some stuff ended up being amazing, Like the Yeti's pose making him look like he's doing some typing.

  • Well... I kinda doubt people were really voting on who was the most valuable, instead who they like the most. Don will always win those. 😊

    I personally preferred team 1, but that Yeti receptionist was pretty great.

  • @a7x458 I get you. As much as I will always love the design lab streams, it does feel a little strange to label them as a tournament, considering how subjective they are in comparison to all the other tournaments.

    I'm actually toying around with the idea of creating a level to honor our yeti friend.

  • According to the schedule (and Kyle on Patreon) we're getting a nine-hour(!) surprise bonus group stream on Thursday. Damn! O_o
    Some new reveals about Patreon tiers etc., propably?

  • I am hoping it will be an 9-hour long stream where an optometrist visits EZA HQ and wreaks havoc on Huber and Ben.

  • Gotta give some love to the recent Fortnite stream. It was great to see the perspective of all four Allies (despite audio sync issues) and they really started to improve as a group as the rounds went on. Hope we get some more of these!

  • @sentinel-beach Judging by what Damiani said in the Super Mario 64 Stream I think it's probably a Metal Gear Solid 1 Full Playthrough.

    Edit: Nah, it's another Fundraiser. I think the full MGS1 playthrough is going to be at some sort of Easy Livin' in the Summer then.

  • I just want them to use Discord for group voice chat. It's really off-putting listening to their voice in such a low quality. I realize that it's a minor flaw, but I think the stream quality would be a lot better. I don't know how viable it is from a stream set-up perspective but It would be a great addition to the already awesome streams.

  • Quite a lot of mixed feelings in the YouTube comments for the Better Stuff Before E3 Fundraiser video. I have mixed feelings as well, there are some solid arguments on both sides about the current status of EZA in general, about how they've grown and developed during these two years. I'd be really, really interested to see the upcoming Patreon tier changes soon. And there was a good suggestion, for example, about shooting a bunch of Fancy Fifteen episodes in one sitting and making it a weekly show that way, I'd be super into that.

  • @sentinel-beach There were a lot of amazing suggestions from patrons in that April update Patreon post, I wish Brandon addressed all of those in Cup of Jones. Maybe they'll talk about them in Thursday's stream.

  • I hate to say it but i agree with alot of the comments on that video, the one thing i didn't see anyone mention is merchandise, i have Funhaus and Kinda funny shirts but i don't have any Easy Allies shirts, they have alot of talented people in the community that can draw amazing designs to put on a shirts or a mugs.. etc and they do nothing with it, i just went on the store from the main easy allies website and there's the same old merch likr cases for i phones 6/6s, plus the new design L&R t shirts are not there !!!

    Plus i just Googled Easy Allies t shirts and i got a link to redbubble and there's alot of good shirts but who is making the money from them?

  • @a7x458 They just released two new designs on FanGamer. Someone pointed out to Jones on Cup of Jones last week that the website only takes you to Spreadshirt, not FanGamer, so I think that'll be fixed soon.

  • That was some really fun bomb defucing in the group stream. :) It seemed like everyone had their moment, one way or another. It was nice to see them get better step by step, and then still maybe confusing six wires for five, heh. The best moment? We all saw it, amazing. I cheered and jumped up laughing.

    Damiani and Kyle with 1.3 seconds left. HO-LY shit! Phenomenal stuff! :D

  • That stream was INTENSE! I've never heard of this game but I think the Allies must be pretty above average at the game. They had a lot of success. Honestly looks like some of the best and most interesting VR I've heard of.

  • @sentinel-beach Haha, when they had a minute left I said "Either they're going to fail or this will be super clutch." and I was not disappointed.

    @DIPSET Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a great game to play with a group, really ingenious way to use VR. The Allies actually played it before, very briefly, when they did the Vive night!

    Youtube Video – [1:54:16..]

  • I'm so glad they got this equipment money and so much more for this stream which is currently going on. I know I've been enthusiastic about EZA and GT for years now and I'd love for them to get that studio and get more patrons, but it really shows how we all love the Allies, this website, and the content they produce by stepping up and helping out so we can all get better content.

  • How much did they get? I watched until Luke Arnold arrived and I had to go sleep, it was 1:20 AM at that point. They had $14 000 at that point, ridiculous numbers! :D I'm so freaking happy for the guys, they'll be able to get so much new gear now. :) Man, what a success.

    I'll have to watch the remaining of the stream at some point, but now I'm just about to start God of War. :]

    Edit. HOLY SHIT OVER $30 000!!!!!!! What the hell. People are fucking amazing. Jesus, I'm weeping a bit. Checked out Twitter. Insane. Insane. I have to see their reactions sooner than later. This will be so good for them. I'm happy as hell right now.

  • The level of support last night was insane. Just wow. This is definitely going to help with the general quality of all their content. Can't wait.

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    Such a great stream! Glad I could be there for about half at least! People were so hype and the jollyness was on 110% all way through. Thank you to each and everyone that showed up!