EZA Group Streams

  • So without the selection committee this is theoretically the best place to talk about what we'd like to see them play. I really dug the LAN party nostalgia from Halo last night, and that just reaffirms that I'd like to see them play some Call of Duty Zombies for a group stream, preferably WaW or Blops1 for the simplicity and nostalgia factor. They'd need 2 consoles for 4 players, but I remember they did do a 2 console setup back when they did the For Honor tournament, so it's not impossible.

  • At first I wasn't too excited about them playing Halo, but the guys made it fun to watch after a while. The RPG and sniper matches were neat, and when they got their names on the screen to make following them easier it all became much better. Hoping for some 4 player games in the future as well, co-op too.

    Interesting to see what the tournament picks are going to be in the poll. It's next week, right? Second Tuesday of the month.

  • Since we can't submit tournament ideas on Patreon, I'll put this here. I'd love to see a Hearthstone tournament. It sounds like Ben and Huber have put the most time into the game, so they should use their two accounts. To make it fair, decks would be randomized. Each competitor selects a class and starts to make a new deck, but clicks 'Done' without adding any cards. The computer will add 30 random cards which usually have a decent mana curve. The winner of a match has to make a new deck with a different class and the loser can choose to keep their current deck or make a new one. Best 2 out of 3, single elimination. I would use the wild format for this so there's a bigger card pool and the randomness means OP combos are unlikely.

    Does anyone else like this idea? Any suggestions to make it better?

  • @thisnameislame

    It would be a lot easier for them to play Black Ops 3 and the Zombies Chronicles DLC. That has the majority of WaW and Black Ops 1 maps and also supports 4 player split screen :)

  • I really want to see them play Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage. You know Huber loves those BeatEmUps.

  • @lucied One of the first competition streams they did was a hearthstone tournament with fans. I'm sure it must be archived.

  • @tokeeffe9 Yes, I played in it. Ben was my second opponent. He beat me, but he was impressed with one of my decks. It wasn't their normal group stream and it took a long time because it had so many people. My idea is a small scale tournament and randomized decks to level the playing field.

  • Isn't the second Tuesday of the month Tournament Night or has that been dropped along with the Selection Committee? Or will they have a Beat Saber tournament which could be cool actually?
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    @olf_himself it shifted around a little this month. I believe tournament will take place the next week instead.

  • @bloodworth Nice, looking forward to it!

  • I've mentioned it casually here and there, but the group stream I've been dying for after several years now is Saturn Bomberman. Why this version specifically? It supports up to 10 players at once. I personally wouldn't recommend going beyond 8 people as that significantly shrinks the size of the players and removes some power-ups, but 8 Allies duking it out as one keeps chat company and comments on the chaos? It sounds absolutely perfect for a group stream night. The only logistical problem this would involve is that is requires two multitaps and up to 9 controllers so.... that'd be a fairly expensive set-up unless some of the group randomly had a stash of Saturn controllers laying around.

  • @sabotagethetruth Another commentary based tournament would be great, the commentary in the Pokemon TCG tournament made it way more entertaining than it already is.

  • I feel bad for Huber, he had such an awesome playthrough as Thanos, only to have......well just watch this clips.twitch.tv/TiredInspiringTroutPeanutButterJellyTime

  • Yeah he was unlucky to get stuck. If he didn't he would probably have won.

  • I was completely blown away by that VR rhythm game last night. Hats off to those developers.

  • The KORG Gadget stream was super fun. :) It worked really well with only five members, they all had space and time better this way. Don's song reminded me of Tekken 3's OST which is just perfection, so hats off to that. And the birth of Ezra was truly a Moment. :D Still, though, the song they made together was even more joyable to watch and follow. And one point they all just went completely silent, no one spoke, and everyone was pretty much just nodding their head to the music. What a great moment, really liked it. :)

    I'll update the tournament score in the opening post.

    And Huber's getting married this week! \o/ Congratulations! :]

  • We should have a Hall of Greats in May, by the way. Either on 22nd or 29th. That's the original schedule: February, May, August and November. And it'll propably be even busier in June because of E3 if they try to jam it in there for some reason now.

  • Yeah it was really fun to watch. I think it's a true testament to how well they designed the software that Huber seemed to be quite enjoying himself without really knowing what he was doing. I bet someone could even start to learn some music theory after a while of just playing around with it.

    Having a timer mode seems odd though if you're going to set the max to only 10 minutes... :P

  • The birth of Ezra has become one of my favorite EZA moments. So damn demented and jolly at the same time.

  • Just finished watching the Korg Gadget stream, easily one of my favorite group stream so far. I'm really digging the Korg Gadget, now i want to get a Switch just for that lol.