EZA Group Streams

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    @olf_himself it shifted around a little this month. I believe tournament will take place the next week instead.

  • @bloodworth Nice, looking forward to it!

  • I've mentioned it casually here and there, but the group stream I've been dying for after several years now is Saturn Bomberman. Why this version specifically? It supports up to 10 players at once. I personally wouldn't recommend going beyond 8 people as that significantly shrinks the size of the players and removes some power-ups, but 8 Allies duking it out as one keeps chat company and comments on the chaos? It sounds absolutely perfect for a group stream night. The only logistical problem this would involve is that is requires two multitaps and up to 9 controllers so.... that'd be a fairly expensive set-up unless some of the group randomly had a stash of Saturn controllers laying around.

  • @sabotagethetruth Another commentary based tournament would be great, the commentary in the Pokemon TCG tournament made it way more entertaining than it already is.

  • I feel bad for Huber, he had such an awesome playthrough as Thanos, only to have......well just watch this clips.twitch.tv/TiredInspiringTroutPeanutButterJellyTime

  • Yeah he was unlucky to get stuck. If he didn't he would probably have won.

  • I was completely blown away by that VR rhythm game last night. Hats off to those developers.

  • The KORG Gadget stream was super fun. :) It worked really well with only five members, they all had space and time better this way. Don's song reminded me of Tekken 3's OST which is just perfection, so hats off to that. And the birth of Ezra was truly a Moment. :D Still, though, the song they made together was even more joyable to watch and follow. And one point they all just went completely silent, no one spoke, and everyone was pretty much just nodding their head to the music. What a great moment, really liked it. :)

    I'll update the tournament score in the opening post.

    And Huber's getting married this week! \o/ Congratulations! :]

  • We should have a Hall of Greats in May, by the way. Either on 22nd or 29th. That's the original schedule: February, May, August and November. And it'll propably be even busier in June because of E3 if they try to jam it in there for some reason now.

  • Yeah it was really fun to watch. I think it's a true testament to how well they designed the software that Huber seemed to be quite enjoying himself without really knowing what he was doing. I bet someone could even start to learn some music theory after a while of just playing around with it.

    Having a timer mode seems odd though if you're going to set the max to only 10 minutes... :P

  • The birth of Ezra has become one of my favorite EZA moments. So damn demented and jolly at the same time.

  • Just finished watching the Korg Gadget stream, easily one of my favorite group stream so far. I'm really digging the Korg Gadget, now i want to get a Switch just for that lol.

  • Damn, Runner3 looked like a haaaard game. Not the most interesting stream, to be honest, but the guys are always fun to watch and listen to.

    I was really hoping for the next Hall of Greats next week, but it won't happen until late June, Kyle said. :/
    Still, PixelJunk Monster 2 should make for a neat stream. And the E3 stuff is starting to happen everywhere.

    Hyped for the new garage look!

  • I really want them to do a Dong Dong Never Die tournament.

  • The E3 Trailer Hypefest is back! Per easyallies.com, the EZA group stream on June 5 will be the trailer hypefest!

    I'm happy about this, the hypefest was a fantastic community pick last year, and I'm glad EZA brought it back. It'll get me super HYPED for E3!

  • #DufusIsCanon

  • Just watched the group stream on Twitch. Did anyone else notice that they weren't quite in sync? Like it was off about 0.3 seconds maybe, words didn't match their mouths perfectly. Nobody seemed to tell them at least during the whole time.

    No tournament for June confirmed? We're running out of Tuesdays with two E3 ones and then HoG. But sure, that's understandable.

  • After Kyle's adamant stance on this demo, I just wanted to post some screencaps from the conference. The press conference demo was obviously constructed for the show, and rehearsed to match-up with transitions, but they are clearly playing the game. The playable demo on the floor, which was different from the press conference demo, even featured the same type of cut-scene transitions to mask loading seasons and locations. You see 8 different screens featuring multiple views, and vehicles - and I assume the other 8 facing the opposite side are the same. They even brought out a guy featured in their adaptable controller video to demo it on stage, only to be an elaborate prop? If this was all just stage dressing for a fake demo, they did quite a convincing job.

    0_1529463288421_Forza 4.png
    0_1529463298701_Forza 3.png
    0_1529463264416_Forza 1.png
    0_1529463273937_Forza 2.png

  • I'm very happy with the results of the E3 awards, overall this has been a wonderful E3 coverage by the allies. E3 2019 can't come soon enough!

    Anyway, Hall of Greats is next week! Hype!

  • I just noticed this, but...did they forget to lock Chim back up?