EZA Group Streams

  • The heat wave is really taking its toll on the allies, after the tournament i couldn't follow any of there conversations.

  • Sweeeeet, the Allies plugging Ace Waters in the most recent group stream makes me immensely happy. If you haven't heard this fella's covers, check 'em out! Here's my personal favorite.

    Youtube Video

  • Game Day 2018 Highlights - Benefiting AbleGamers Charity
    Youtube Video

    Simply excellent editing by Faris / SomeGameNews! Really entertaining to watch this way. A Way Out was the best, those Kyle and Damiani moments. :D

  • At the tail end of the charity stream and aside from the obviously amazing A Way Out section with Kyle and Damiani, I gotta say... I really want some more Brad and Kyle streams. That SNES classic portion has probably been my favorite because of those two keeping it chill and funny.

  • Inspired by EVO I had a fever dream of an EZA fighting game tournament series. Every ally pics a character, sticks with it and trains as much as they want/have time. Tourney is held once a month.

    The regular EZA tournaments are interesting by them self, but this way you would see how the allies progress over time, what kind of styles they start to prefer and see rivalries getting born.

    I already know it's too much work and maybe it would get too serious, but hey, you never know.

  • I think we're missing last week's Clips, by the way.

  • the boy is handsome.

  • @sabotagethetruth It's been a while, but I finally managed to remember to dig into Ace's stuff, and I'm really digging it! I love the original chill stuff in addition to the covers, and like with most Youtube musicians I went straight to the Undertale section, and I was not disappointed! His main theme cover and Ruins cover are both fantastic. Also have to mention his excellent tenor sax skills as a former player myself :)

  • @robbobwill Undertale is actually what brought me to begin listening to Ace's stuff and I've been an avid follower ever since. Glad the love keeps being spread!

  • Updated the winners list after the NES tournament. I think this one worked well, always eliminating the bottom two.

  • Really would've liked to see the guys play that VR Marvel game, hopefully it stays on the schedule for the future. The beat 'em ups were still cool, too, especially the first one between Brad, Huber and Blood.

  • Shout-out to the Super Mario Party group stream, really fun to watch. :) Monty Mole was as jolly as one could be.

  • Hopefully they do the new Jackbox Party Pack soon. Those streams are always fun.

  • "Damiani. You say jump, I say when."
    . . .
    "That's how that saying goes."

    It was cool seeing Blackout like this with the Allies, as I'm not otherwise interested in playing it. Damiani was on a jolly mood, I had fun listening to his resub readings and comments of the game to the chat during the first hour. :) And then just casually again ordering a new Key Blade for the folks, heh.

  • My favourite part was Kyle using a medpack during an honourable fist fight.

  • Can somebody help me? I could swear I watched a bit of EZA play Silent Hill (PS1) on group stream. When I search “Silent Hill Easy Allies” on YouTube, only Halloween 2017 stream and Ian’s Silent Hill 2 video appears. Am I going crazy?! They did play Silent Hill as a group, correct?

  • @dipset I could be wrong, but i think they never played that before. I've watched all the group streams many, many times repeatedly, and i can't recall any instance of that game. Maybe they mentioned it during Easy Livin or something.

  • Wow. I don't even know what I'm imagining then.

  • @dipset I remember Silent Hill 2 during a Halloween stream, but not Silent Hill 1. I even searched through their GT streams and couldn't find anything, sorry bud.

  • The Soulcalibur VI tournament. What happened?

    Ian came out from the loser's final.
    He beat Damiani, so now it's even. Then, Damiani beat him. So he should have won the whole thing at that point.
    Instead, they fought ONE MORE time, Ian won, and at that point Kyle's like "the bracket's reset now!" Whaaat.

    Then they started the best-out-of-three grand final. Which Ian then ended up winning.

    I think this time this went wrong, honestly. The system has never worked this way before. And I disliked Ian's 1-2-combo so much. But sure, I'll mark him up as the winner in the opening post, he got the Digimon.