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  • I've owned a PS4 since Infamous: Second Son came out and I had no idea you could view patch notes via Update History. Huber with the life lessons!

    And Damiani's Japanese strike for sure.

  • Jackbox streams are always some of the best ones, plus the vibes after finding out about the studio just helped boost things.

  • I'm honestly very impressed by the Jackbox games in this set. Split the Room, the rap battle game and the idea pitch game are very entertaining to watch, and they also felt quite unique to each other.

  • No tournament in November, but we had a double take on Smash Bros. now. I've updated the opening post. Really good matches in there, much more even than one might have guessed beforehand. Blood was definitely the dark horse this time.

  • I'm more surprised how well Jones did since he usually is first one to drop off. Didn't have a chance fighting against Ben with items ON and it shows that he isn't good at using them. Especially not picking them or throwing away bad items or use Poké balls. Ian also put a good fight.

  • Is there going to be a 2019 predictions stream?

  • @schaft0620 2018 predictions only happened because of Patron voting, which isn't a thing anymore. Honestly, I think between Resident Evil, GOTYs, and Hall of Greats, the group stream isn't that suitable a setting for that discussion. I'd much prefer to see it on a Podcast or Frame Trap special.

  • Hats off to the garage and what the Allies could accomplish there during these last three years. I'll miss that familiar background, but at the same time I'm really looking forward to the new space. Emotions, man.

  • Tomorrow @ 9PM ET the studio premiere Twitch stream begins. I'm very excited.

    Has Jones or the Allies hinted at what the stream might be? A Don's Design Lab or something with people walking around and moving about would be a good way to show off the space but I doubt they'll start on that.

    Making sure to tune in live for this one.

  • @dipset I think it's monopoly. That's what I got from the teaser tweet.

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  • They're LIVE!

    The new studio looks amazing. They aired a video right when the stream went live of Jones touring the audience through their studio. You can see how much better of a work space it is let alone how good it'll look on camera.

    I hope this upgrade in quality gets us the Huber game show and EZA Live! Check out that Patreon.


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  • That game package was dope, @iboshow

  • Yeah! I hate to admit it @iboshow but I own and love a lot of those games. Def Jam Icon and 50 Cent are two games I legitimately love.

  • @bam541 @DIPSET Thanks guys, I might have said that the games where mediocre but I didn't mean they all were but it sounded more funny if I did also I paid for it along with my friend.

  • @iboshow

    I think Kyle playing any one of those will be amusing. What’s funny is that they weren’t sure about some of them or haven’t heard of them but I remember back when I was in middle school, I’d check GameTrailers daily cause I couldn’t wait to play “next gen” when I saved up enough money and GT had features on so many of those games.

    Features, handheld camera show floor demo, trailers, etc. Then the comments would be full of intrigued people and then the games would release and be pretty much panned by everybody. So many games had a gimmick back then. I vividly remember Fracture having the “mould the environment” gimmick, and worst of all was the gimmick in Turning Point “what if WWII was on the doorstep of WASHINGTON DC?!?!”.

    I want to see them played by the Allies because I know some of them are going to be hilariously cheesy.

  • A ridiculous amount of candies and chips from Pekka Heinonen for the guys, wow. Ässä Mix ftw! And Kyle got the FEL right, it's Finnish Esports League.

  • Jump Force looks so bad, but i'm still feeling it for some reason. If anything, it just put me in Shounen mood right now. Might be the time to spend bucks on that My Hero game that came out a while back, lol.

  • @bam541 I've been wanting to play that My Hero game for awhile, let me know how it is!