EZA Group Streams

  • @iboshow

    I think Kyle playing any one of those will be amusing. What’s funny is that they weren’t sure about some of them or haven’t heard of them but I remember back when I was in middle school, I’d check GameTrailers daily cause I couldn’t wait to play “next gen” when I saved up enough money and GT had features on so many of those games.

    Features, handheld camera show floor demo, trailers, etc. Then the comments would be full of intrigued people and then the games would release and be pretty much panned by everybody. So many games had a gimmick back then. I vividly remember Fracture having the “mould the environment” gimmick, and worst of all was the gimmick in Turning Point “what if WWII was on the doorstep of WASHINGTON DC?!?!”.

    I want to see them played by the Allies because I know some of them are going to be hilariously cheesy.

  • A ridiculous amount of candies and chips from Pekka Heinonen for the guys, wow. Ässä Mix ftw! And Kyle got the FEL right, it's Finnish Esports League.

  • Jump Force looks so bad, but i'm still feeling it for some reason. If anything, it just put me in Shounen mood right now. Might be the time to spend bucks on that My Hero game that came out a while back, lol.

  • @bam541 I've been wanting to play that My Hero game for awhile, let me know how it is!

  • No tournament this month either, I updated the opening post. Still a solid and fun Trials stream.

  • Major props to whoever gifted Raw Danger to the allies, that game is like the most awesome swimming in sevens game.

  • EZA needs your YouTube clips for the next group stream, where they will react to old EZA snippets from YouTube videos. www.patreon.com/posts/we-need-clips-25377897

  • @jifw52 Thanks for the heads up! This is a pretty neat idea, finally can make use of my knowledge of EZA from my binge sessions.

  • @jifw52 All of my work has led up to this moment!

  • Just found out that the first Full Playthrough Fridays stream will be Uncharted The Lost Legacy. What a pick! My exams coming next week but I really want to catch that live.