EZA Group Streams

  • As an LA dude through and through, In N' Out getting strong-armed out of A-tier was the most frustrated I have ever been at a group stream. calling Dairy Queen as good as In N' Out is an affront to everything we hold dear as a society!

  • I liked the idea of Tier Maker in a group stream, but I wish they'd gone for some not-so-common topics, too. And the guys were pret-ty slow with their process. We only saw, what, five or six rankings during the two hours.

  • I really enjoyed it. I think the opposite to you @Sentinel-Beach . I think the length of each tierlist was just right. Way more interesting to see them argue over tiers than just rush through as many as possible. 6-7 in 2 hours is solid.

    Disgusted that Ben 'hates' Creme Eggs. They're not as good as pre-Kraft Creme Eggs, but they're still great. Did the US have Cadbury stuff before Kraft took over?

  • @hazz3r Chocolate is the US is disgusting I don't know what they put in it but is inedible. Can't blame him for not liking them.

  • @paulmci27 Apparently Hershy's, our biggest chocolate brand, does not have enough cocoa to be classified as chocolate in Britain. Tastes good though.

  • @capnbobamous Suppose its just what we're used to growing up. I used to get my Ma to send packages of chocolate over to me when I lived in the US.

  • Woke up earlier to this amazing news. Well done, allies! I missed the whole thing, sadly.

  • After 16 months we finally got a new tournament suddenly, cool! Fight Crab was pure chaos with some good chuckles. :D I updated the first post's list.

  • Damn, the Among Us stream is hilarious. I only knew stuff about the game from seeing the memes on Twitter, so it's basically my first time watching actual gameplay of it. Huber is so unhinged throughout the whole thing, it's so funny. Also, shout out to Kristen for being pretty clutch many times.

  • ^Likewise. My first time seeing the game, glad it was with the Allies. Huber's lies. :D And "Lies!" shouts. :) Really fun to follow all those accusations.