EZA Group Streams

  • So the Knack 2 playthrough group stream happened. It ended up being almost whopping 11 hours, people. :D Means they started at 4 PM and finished around 3 AM, if I converted the time zones right.

    I've put it on background playing, I'm soon two hours in. Lots of laughs, I'm having fun as well listening and following this. This'll propably end up pretty goofy in the final hours.

  • FIFA was fun, I'm glad they shared the stream between story and then multiplayer matches. Those penalty kicks at the end of the women's match were excellent. :D

    Friday's SNES Classic Launch Marathon: It's great that they're trying to get more patreons in an event like this. Twitch coverage.

    And about what Brandon already revealed, I think it's the right decision to quit with the Community Comments. Personally, I never saw the appeal in that whole thing, but what I like more is the fact that this decision frees up more time for them for other projects. I mean there's been always that need to get some footage for who knows what game and then edit the whole thing. And the fact that these videos have been late several months for the whole year already also tells that they really weren't on top of anyone's to do list. Frankly, I'm getting the sense they started to feel like a chore for Brandon and the Allies. Doing some E3 predictions videos in August and so on.

    Likewise, Cup of Jones being live now is good for EZA, as there's now no editing needed. More free time for other things, which I appreciate.

  • Any idea when Blood will start steaming Dark Souls 3? I can't wait to watch it.

  • @matteroffact
    He said on Twitter recently that he has the cosplay now so I'm guessing it could start any day now.

  • @Olf_Himself Great. Thanks, Olf.

  • The PowerPoint presentations were great. Like being in school again. :) Loved how everyone had their own distinct styles. And Huber's tonal shifts, perfect! :D From that Wall of Tears on to the turtles, that was literally from 0 to 100 in one second.

  • Huber should do a random power point presentation every month.

  • @Sentinel-Beach

    I seriously do not understand Twitch. I feel like an old man on that website. Can you help me find this stream? I really want to watch it but I can't find where to look.

  • @GoTaco https://www.twitch.tv/videos/179579198

    There you go. Unfortunately, you can only watch archived footage using an actual browser. The console/mobile apps don't access the archives.... for whatever reason.

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    Oh that is fine by me. I saw under 'Clips' they had part of it labelled something else, then I suppose under 'Videos' it is just "Group Stream". I think I'm slowly starting to get the website but it's so zany to me. Just so many buttons and colours and videos and I feel overwhelmed.

    I always use the YouTube Archive instead.

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    @GoTaco said in EZA Group Streams:


    Oh that is fine by me. I saw under 'Clips' they had part of it labelled something else, then I suppose under 'Videos' it is just "Group Stream". I think I'm slowly starting to get the website but it's so zany to me. Just so many buttons and colours and videos and I feel overwhelmed.

    I always use the YouTube Archive instead.

    Clips are viewer-created cut outs of specific moments. The full streams are under Videos and you can filter by Past Broadcasts or Highlights. Past Broadcasts are raw files and only last a few months. Highlights are the clean versions (no pre-show reels) that are permanently archived.

  • @Bloodworth

    I didn't know that. Thanks!

  • Some EZA fans are angry because the Allies vetoed a game about teenage anime girls wearing spraying each other with water guns? What did they expect? ( i agree with the allies BTW)

    Go watch the DOA video and watch how uncomfortable was most of the allies.

  • I don't feel particularly strongly either way about Senran Kagura, but if you're going to take people's money specifically for voting for a game, just to then veto it without anyone knowing that was a possibility, that's just...well, it's kinda shitty. At the very least, they could have just played a match or two, laughed at it, and then moved on to something else.

  • I feel like if they'd just made a small statement on the post saying "we're not very comfortable with playing this game" (and I know Ben's comments on the Gaf said they discovered that out quite late) then it would've have probably gone down a bit better with the community.

  • Didn't help having Brandon tell people to "participate in the right way." which absolutely makes it sound like they're telling the people who voted for it that they're bad people for having done so.

  • @dramaticslowmo Why did he post in GAF instead of the actual official forum? It makes little sense.

    And yeah, now people will understand that being a Patron doesn't entitle you to things. The voting committee is merely a "suggestion" of what the Allies will play. You're just giving them money to pursue their endeavors. I have no problem with that really. But I'm glad everything is now made clear about reserving the right to veto a game. Gotta work out the kinks as early as possible!

  • @Destructo Doesn't make an awful lot of sense, does it? Gaf is a closed forum, with a reputation for being close minded. Even saw a similar comment on the Youtube upload that said they banned one of the guys from Xseed for trying to defend localization decisions made in Akiba's Trip, or that they've banned discussion on games that the ESRB allowed to release. Makes for a very odd place to post a response when you've got the perfect place to do it right here.

  • @Minamik Yeah. I guess I meant to say that it makes NO SENSE at all.

    I always hear horror stories and bullshit from GAF, so that has turned me away from it.

    I really wish they played the game, though. Would've been great to see their reactions to the weirdness and perverseness.

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    While I understand that it would be nice for all of us to frequently use the forums here, different people simply have different habits on social media and which outlets they're most active in when relating to the community. I check in here a fair amount, but I'm never on Discord or Reddit for example. There is a fair portion of our community in the NeoGAF thread, and the conversation became particularly active so Ben made a post to clarify. He then later posted that response in the YouTube comments as well. There will be a more official response for everyone coming soon.