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  • Some EZA fans are angry because the Allies vetoed a game about teenage anime girls wearing spraying each other with water guns? What did they expect? ( i agree with the allies BTW)

    Go watch the DOA video and watch how uncomfortable was most of the allies.

  • I don't feel particularly strongly either way about Senran Kagura, but if you're going to take people's money specifically for voting for a game, just to then veto it without anyone knowing that was a possibility, that's just...well, it's kinda shitty. At the very least, they could have just played a match or two, laughed at it, and then moved on to something else.

  • I feel like if they'd just made a small statement on the post saying "we're not very comfortable with playing this game" (and I know Ben's comments on the Gaf said they discovered that out quite late) then it would've have probably gone down a bit better with the community.

  • Didn't help having Brandon tell people to "participate in the right way." which absolutely makes it sound like they're telling the people who voted for it that they're bad people for having done so.

  • @dramaticslowmo Why did he post in GAF instead of the actual official forum? It makes little sense.

    And yeah, now people will understand that being a Patron doesn't entitle you to things. The voting committee is merely a "suggestion" of what the Allies will play. You're just giving them money to pursue their endeavors. I have no problem with that really. But I'm glad everything is now made clear about reserving the right to veto a game. Gotta work out the kinks as early as possible!

  • @Destructo Doesn't make an awful lot of sense, does it? Gaf is a closed forum, with a reputation for being close minded. Even saw a similar comment on the Youtube upload that said they banned one of the guys from Xseed for trying to defend localization decisions made in Akiba's Trip, or that they've banned discussion on games that the ESRB allowed to release. Makes for a very odd place to post a response when you've got the perfect place to do it right here.

  • @Minamik Yeah. I guess I meant to say that it makes NO SENSE at all.

    I always hear horror stories and bullshit from GAF, so that has turned me away from it.

    I really wish they played the game, though. Would've been great to see their reactions to the weirdness and perverseness.

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    While I understand that it would be nice for all of us to frequently use the forums here, different people simply have different habits on social media and which outlets they're most active in when relating to the community. I check in here a fair amount, but I'm never on Discord or Reddit for example. There is a fair portion of our community in the NeoGAF thread, and the conversation became particularly active so Ben made a post to clarify. He then later posted that response in the YouTube comments as well. There will be a more official response for everyone coming soon.

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    A letter from Jones, now available on Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/posts/group-stream-14827083

  • Cool. That's practically all I was waiting for. I was kind of disappointed with the group stream as I was waiting for a clearer & longer clarification after the controversy on the Patreon voting post, and then it didn't really happen, but this balances things out. Communication (or the lack of it) was the key here, not the veto per se, in my book. Onwards!

  • @Bloodworth said in EZA Group Streams:

    While I understand that it would be nice for all of us to frequently use the forums here, different people simply have different habits on social media and which outlets they're most active in when relating to the community

    This doesn't really have anything to do with this topic, just bringing it up because Blood mentioned it here.
    Kinda wish you guys made a more conscious effort to make use of the forums. Give people a reason to come here, these are the official forums after all.
    I only frequent a handful of threads, so my impression may be skewed, but I usually only see the same handful of people in the threads.
    I think a lot of people need more incentive to come here other than that the forums exist.

  • I believe the new system is working great.

  • @Olf_Himself I see where you're coming from but respectfully disagree: I like how we kind of have our own little sub-community here. I feel like I know you all better than I would if it was a big hub for all things EZA. Occasional insights from the crew is just an extra perk.

  • Next group stream night poll went up. Options are DDR, First Fifteen Live, and Jackbox Party Pack 4.

    I'm personally all for more First 15. Let's find the next Bad Boys!

  • Yep, I'm all in for some First Fifteen (for two hours!). On the Patreon post people are saying that JPP4 isn't really great this time, and to save DDR for a tournament night, which sounds reasonable. I'd really love to see what games they'd come across during those fifteen minutes every time and their reactions. :)

  • I want to see all the choices played at some point. Even if Jack pack 4 isn't as good, it's the group playing it that I think will make it great, and it's fun to involve the community a little. DDR would be ridiculous and would be great for some gifs. And First 15 is just an interesting and different idea.

    This seems to be a no lose stream for me 😊

  • People seem to be being very unfair on JBB4, it's just as good as any of the other packs from what I've played. It's only weakness is Fibbage 3 is pretty much the same as both other Fibbages. Monster Seeking Monster is a fantastic (and surprisingly strategic) game, Bracketeering is a perfect fit for the argumentative Allies, Survive The Internet (whilst not my favourite of the bunch) is very enjoyable and Civic Doodle is a fun twist on the standard "draw a thing" formula.

    I fear First Fifteen Live would be quite hit and miss, with a lot of time being lost to the game introductions, not enough actual content, y'know? I suppose the benefit is swiftly moving through ~8 games.

    I do think Kyle should consider Double Feature weeks, where the top 2 games from the list get an hour each. Much like the First Fifteen idea, it would vary the stream and make a larger group of voters happy with the result.

  • Ulala's swagger walk was the highlight of the stream. Too cool!

  • I think "Fancy 15" went pretty well overall! Space Channel 5 definitely stole the night though, such a fun game to wrap up with. I really hope they'll do it again at some point in the future!

  • I was so pleased when they picked Space Channel 5! I was initially disappointed when they passed on Nocturne since I was the one who sent it to them, but as soon as I heard they were doing Space Channel 5 I was super excited. I hope we can get one of the allies to play more of the game some other time, it's really one of the best rhythm games out there.