EZA Group Streams

  • @parasitepaladin It sure is. :] Watched those minutes around that today, still unbelievable stuff. The shock on Kyle's face is really something else entirely. And Damiani's just off-camera already at that point etc. Oh man.

  • @Sentinel-Beach
    Nice work! Just wanted to add that Brad and Huber were a team in the Pokemon TCG tournament so technically Huber is in the lead.

  • @Olf_Himself Didn't realize/remember that at all. I watched the final game which was between Brad and Huber, and Brad won, but maybe something had happened before that then. So I gave the official win to Brad. Did they have the same pack or something like that, now that I think about it?

    Edit. Ok, so that was a little tricky, now that I watched it some more. The final match was kind of a friendly match etc. Still, though, Brad was named the winner of the tournament that night, and I feel like we need to pinpoint all these victories to just one person every time. But sure, Huber can be the moral number one over Damiani at the moment. :)

  • Updated the tournament winners list with the latest. What was the exact name of the thing? Damiani said it before they began.

    It felt like there was a little bit of something fishy going on with Damiani's rules, but I don't know, maybe I didn't hear everything well enough. I mean pretty early on he stated that if multiple people fail, then the one(s) who got the furthest would still move on to the next round. But then it wasn't so suddenly, and he, Ben and Ian all got to go again? The rules were a bit blurry, but sure, this tournament gave the power to one person pretty much completely.

  • This last tournament certainly didn't go how I expect it to. It went both much worse and much better.

  • straight up one of my favorite tournament streams ever. Awesome energy the whole way through.

  • @naltmank Agreed. I loved that video. Spontaneous Allies are best Allies. I'd like to see this format repeated at some point in the future.

    I also appreciate the complete lack of Spoilers in the Youtube video title or description.

  • Yeah I loved this tournament. A lot of people complain about the Group Stream Selection Committee, but they've given some good suggestions. Brining back First Fifteen was such a great idea because we got the gem which is Space Channel 5 Part 2.

  • Strange, I extremely disliked the last tournament - besides from Jones painting, that was such a highlight. I guess the concept of "play a game one ally is sure to win," which then switches to "hurry up and create a makeshift tournament with variable rules," just doesn't scratch any itches for me. I prefer seeing the Allies on relatively similar ground, as much as that is actually possible.

  • I updated the tournament winners list. This was the first time we actually had officially two winners, it was clearly stated by Kyle (and the others agreed) that Brad and Brandon should be both awarded as the winners. And that really was the nature of the tournament, so it makes sense.

    All in all, that was a really fun night, good times. Ben couldn't catch a break: Bowser taking their stars and a cab ride costing 10 coins. "I will never again buy a new Nintendo product." :D Kyle and Damiani of course were again back at it, too. :)

    But the EZA Lego set!!! What the hell, honestly. Literally unbelievable. What an idea, and to make it into reality so well. Dave, hats off to you. Stunning stuff.

  • I guess i am in the minority but i am tired of all the Don's Design lab Group streams, there's alot of great stream games that shafted for a "gimmick" stream, i mean can we just check PS all stars of the list.

  • @a7x458 PS All Stars is probably going to be banned from picking for 2 months.

    Yeah, the Committee votes through some odd stuff. I thought the other Sims 4 idea, just the allies creating their dream studio with unlimited money, would be a much more fun idea.

    Then again, as long as they're is some sort of goal or planned activity in mind, I'm not going to complain. Anything's better than that terrible, aimless Metal Gear Survive stream.

  • The Sims stream was much better than I dared to hope for. Fun stuff, the giant fountain etc. And Damiani's mighty laughter always lifts my spirits. :)

  • The Sims stream was fun but I was getting anxiety watching them fumble with the controls. Hard to explain but I was thinking like "JUST WORK". Sims 3 looks janky as all hell.

  • I'm sooo HYPED for next group stream, can't wait for what games everybody chooses and how they will present it, especially Don :D

  • Kinda bummed that voting for yourself is likely to leave the Hall of Greats but regardless, I'll enjoy the stream. HoG is probably my favourite stream EZA does. It's disappointing because shady business is an EZA staple and I much prefer the idea of the Allies gaming the system than actually cementing the greatest games of all time.

    Gaming the Hall of Great is probably something the gang would do on It's Always Sunny. haha

  • I also voted for leaving the system as it is. In larger scale, I don't know why we need to change the rules every time for HoG in the first place. I think this is because Kyle (or all of them) feel like the patrons should have something to say even in these weeks, when there's no game to be chosen. But I'd be totally okay four times a year not having a say in the events those weeks, especially when it's about HoG rule set that's in question.

  • I think that the Patrons gave some good input this month. Mainly on the way it should be revealed. One Ally (Damiani) should read them off from 9th to 4th, then reveal 1st, then reveal 2nd.

  • @sentinel-beach

    I agree. I'd prefer if people used the privilege of making a new rule to create a gimmick rule, like a mandatory flag ceremony or something to do with pageantry. That's when the Allies are at their best.

    Semantic rules are so pointless.

  • Currently watching last night's anniversary stream, I'm two hours in. What's with Ian "dancing" every now and then? Something because of the camera, I've gathered.