Anyone else new to forums?

  • I have been using forums for over a decade, but certain times I have more activity than others.

    This is one where I can see myself being pretty active for a long time. NeoGaf has predominately become my forum to go for only the EZA thread and a few small things here or there. I do like the reputation system here and the layout is unlike anything I have seen before.

  • I used to be a forum mod for a fairly popular Smallville and Heroes podcast a while back...sadly they are no more :(. Haven't been active in a forum since then, I've forgotten how much I missed having a great community to randomly converse with!

  • I'm only active on one other forum and this is the only other one where I felt compelled to join as well. Such a great community and the format is great as others have mentioned. L&R :heart:

  • I started using forums with VGChartz. But the amount of sales arguments and some other incidents led me to leave. GT was the first forum I really got into back in 2009, towards the end of its golden age per se.

    Its hard finding a good forum, with a nice layout and likeable community. And that's a shame as forums are the best place for serious in depth discussion. Unlike the toxic dump that is social media. So the only other forum I actively use is IGN for the basketball community. And Escapist magazine, I now pretty much exclusively use the site for its group chat feature with a number of former GTers from the final years of GT.

  • I started on a Heroes fan site back in the days, while still lurking on GT, which I ended up joining in January 2009. GT was pretty much the only place I used until it closed down earlier this year.

  • I'm somewhat familiar with forums... I've lurked in Something Awful forums in early 2000's, then my friend from there made his own website, Sivland, and made a forum in there, in which I became a moderator after a year, but that forum is gone now. I have also been member on Court-Records forums. I have also lurked in Newgrounds forums as well. I haven't really been a active forums member in years, but now... This feels great. Jolly website with amazing crew behind it, and wonderful community. I'm happy to be here.

  • First new forum I've joined in years - but I've been a member of a pretty dead forum for over a decade. Pretty close knit bunch of people for that time, but I can see it dropping off. Kind of a bummer!

    Anyway, nice to see the good vibes here.

  • I'm totally new to forums as well! I used to lurk the GT forums back in the day, but this is the first time I've really been active on a forum.

  • Welcome guys. Hope you enjoy your stay :)

  • New-ish to the Easy Allies forums. My favorite gaming forum (I don't even remember which one it was) shut down over a decade ago, and since then I haven't found a good place to talk games. Forums in general aren't something I usually do a lot of. But I think most of my facebook friends get sick of me going on about games (see below), so it's nice to have a place where it's not only accepted but appreciated. And this is just a great community. Disagreements are handled respectfully, argued thoughtfully, and pretty uncommon to begin with. And pretty damn good written English everywhere, too.

  • Mostly I'd lurk on gamefaqs boards but man are those just awful and full of trolls, which granted, can be entertaining in its own right. However I felt like I wanted to contribute to the EZA forum, I just loved GT and when it got shut down it kinda left a void. So glad the guys are still around and keeping the dream alive.

  • New to these forums or forums in general?

  • I joined my first back around 1997. Don't worry, any nerves you may have will be gone before you know it if you continue to post regularly, and I think you have picked a great one to start with, nothing can be more off putting to someone new than having to deal with a lot of elitism, and I don't see that here at the moment.

  • @DMCMaster Both really, I belong to the Penny Arcade Forums mainly for Pin trading, but am just a lurker because of how expansive those forums are.

  • Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum too, little bit nervious to post my thoughts mostly because I didn't practice my english for a long time. But this place is the only one, where I feel comfortable to talk about games and EZA shows.

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    @NikitaGroshilin Let me Welcome you to the EZA forums! :D

    There are no reason to be nervous, as long as you keep a nice tone and stay happy you will enjoy yourself! :D We are international so don't think anyone expects perfect english!

  • @Lotias Thank you! So pleasent to hear warm greetings)

  • @NikitaGroshilin said in Anyone else new to forums?:

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum too, little bit nervious to post my thoughts mostly because I didn't practice my english for a long time. But this place is the only one, where I feel comfortable to talk about games and EZA shows.

    First Rule of EZA Club, don't be a dick

    The rest of it figures itself out. Don't think any of us will pick on your English.
    honestly couldn't even tell with your post that English hasn't been practiced in a while

  • @Lexad I guess lack of that rule was the reason why I left my previous forum. Something happened with administration and within a half of a year forum became a lair of trolls.

  • I'm kind of new to forums. Well mostly just lurking, never actually being active. In most cases, I just feel like I don't have much time to hangout in forums because there's other things I want to do.