Switch Frame rate issues fixed?

  • So I just recieved my Switch (finally) and of course as soon as I got it outta the box it had to update. I fired up Zelda BOTW and 5 hours later, no framedrops (in either mode) made me curious since everyone was talking about it. Anyway, after some googling I saw several articles stating that this was caused by the console trying to connect to the internet automatically and it was putting undue strain on the CPU. This would explain Digital Foundries curious observation that BOTW had completely random frame drops while docked. And since Nintendo has patched the firmware People claim they haven't had any problems. Just thought that was funny.

  • I haven't testet it without internet connection but it does drop in areas. I think some people don't notice it because they might not be to sensitive but if you are used to playing at high FPS you will see it pretty often.

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    I still feel like if Nintendo with a just bit more powerful SOC this whole frame rate issue wouldn't happen, but with time i think they will be able to make games with better frame rate and frame passing.

  • they should have put in the newer tegra chip instead of the old one and have nvidia mod it. the newer one is so much faster. but oh well. I do thing its interesting that if turning off wifi improves fps then it might be just firmware bug problems. The problem is you can't turn off wifi in dock mode. The other question is also will it be better to have a wired conenction then or will there still be fps problems

  • Zelda isn't.

  • It really isn't bothersome in that game, so it's completely understandable that you wouldn't notice the turbulence.

  • @fettouhi I did hear turning on airplane mode before docking can help, but I haven't confirmed this.

  • @Stormcrownn but doesn't the switch turn it on again after you dock it ?

  • @fettouhi That's what you would assume, but the reports still state it is accurate.

  • @Stormcrownn ok, just need to remember not to turn off the bluetooth so that the joycons don't work :)

  • I can take the framerate drops in Zelda, been playing long enough to have seen it thousands of times before in console games...what I can't stand tho is the huge input lag while playing Bomberman online...its made the game unplayable