Criticize your favorite series/games

  • Now we all have our favorite series and games, but there are always things they do that bug us; they can be big or small

    Persona 3,4 and 5 the main character looks nearly the same in all 3 games

    Yakuza You can go long periods of time without being able to save. Thankfully the ps4 has a suspend feature for worst case scenario.

    Final Fantasy there is often some extra final boss, evil working behind the scenes we only meet at or near the end of the games

    Halo 1 some of the levels get a little boring near the end as you go to multiple installations or retread the same ground

    Skies of Arcadia the random encounter rate is off the charts

    Gunstar Heroes one of the levels is this board game type thing where its random how far you'll advance, really a drag
    What about all your favorite series/games?

  • Banned

    Sonic takes too many risks re-inventing the wheel creating lackluster gameplay.
    Mario takes no risks with story or characters creating sterile and boring worlds.
    Zelda will always be limited by its hardware when each game could be so much more.
    Final Fantasy is currently too invested in realism when they should be going balls to the wall high fantasy.
    Mass Effect needs better story and character writers in general. Andromeda was fanfic tier.
    Castlevania needs a full on reboot of the series. Straight up NES style gameplay transitioned into a 3D environment.
    Tomb Raider just isn't the same without dual wielding pistols.
    Yooka-Laylee lacks a certain degree of Jontron.
    Megaman Capcom killed it.
    Devil May Cry I got a bigger dick. Fetus abortion. Not in a million sales.

  • Souls/Bourne: not as polished as they could be.

    Final Fantasy: Try to do to much keep it simpler

    Trails: A little predictable in gameplay and structure.

  • Final Fantasy has been done enough so I can't add anything beyond the transition from gameplay focused to graphics focused.

    DOOM: Needs a better multiplayer component that is more welcoming to interested newcomers.

    Star Wars Battlefront: Two words. Single. Player.

    Gears of War: First three - Story started going off of the rails; Judgement - Gameplay and lack of a compelling narrative. Gears 4 - Campaign structure needed to be built better. An interesting story, but execution: Meh.

    Batman: Arkham Knight: Two Words. Tank. Mode.

    Titanfall: Needs a more compelling Single Player. Sure, we get one for 2, and I would rather have one than none at all, but it was a bit of letdown. Good last level though.

    Halo (Mainline games and Reach): First 3 - One word. Flood. Reach - One compound word. Multiplayer. 4 & 5 - The current story arc is getting worse.

    Ratchet & Clank: It went off the rails after A Crack in Time, but since Into the Nexus, it has its footing back.

    Borderlands: Repetitive gameplay with trying humor.

    Left 4 Dead: Would appreciate a narrative beyond. Get to a Safe Room four times then find a vehicle.

    Resistance: Each entry lost a tiny bit of something the previous had

    Kingdom Hearts: Good GOD is this complicated...

    Mass Effect: 1 - Empty, boring "Explorable" Worlds; 2 - Too. Many. Squadmates; 3 - Earth. And the Citadel's Story mission before the party wasn't that great. Andromeda - Yet to start, so I can't speak to it.

    Spyro the Dragon: First 3 - Solid, but too simple. Everything AFTER Year of the Dragon: Poor to terrible games. All of them.

    Crash Bandicoot: Two words. Repetitive. Gameplay

    Tomb Raider (Post Reboot): No compelling tombs in the first, pretty bland story in the second.

    Mirror's Edge: Interesting gameplay needs a story worth playing.

    Assassin's Creed (Only 3 and 4. Can't stand the franchise as a whole) 3 - Main character is a whiner. 4 - Story is a miss. ALL OF THEM: PRESENT DAY IS UNNECESSARY.

    Sly Cooper: 1 - Too short; 2 - Middle levels; 3 - Weak ending; 4 - Bad story period.

    Destiny: No friends? Then it's bland and boring as can be.

    Legitimately can't think of personal negative critiques: Uncharted, The Last of Us, Dishonored, Ori and the Blind Forest, Portal, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, Horizon (In progress of playing)

  • Pokemon - It is taking the series an crazy long time to catch up to modern game design standards. Sun/Moon were a huge leap but still have lots of weird bits of archaic design in them.

    Metal Gear Solid - The move to open world while really fun from a gameplay perspective killed all narrative agency for me, as a result my copy of MGS V sits on my digital shelf unfinished. Also the narrative on the whole is a hot mess at this point.

    Diablo - The story really took a downturn with 3 with Reaper of Souls doing an okay job of repairing it. I'm really hoping the next major release be it another major expansion or sequel rights the narrative a bit more. Also the grind systems in D3 are too damn obvious and a lot of the time you know you are grinding for the sake of it rather than the thrill.

    Uncharted - The enemies have always been bullet sponges

    Mass Effect - The secondary content and missions have always felt tacked on or lacking in depth

    Halo - Halo 5: Guardians and Microsoft's continued pushing of a broken games as services model with their exclusives have sapped the joy out of this franchise for me :( Also the Master Chief is the ultimate [Marty Stu](l and it infuriates me to no end! Also Also any mission (except the first one in Halo: CE) with The Flood can do one.

    Shenmue - Nothing, it is perfect in every way* except for the voice acting in both the English and Japanese dubs and the awkward controls even in its initial releases and the abrupt ending to II that has kept me on a floating knife edge for most of my adult life. It also does a really poor job of explaining some of its key systems to the player.

    SoulsBorne Games and their ilk - Just. Let. Me. Pause. The. Damn. Game. When. I'm. Not. In. A. Boss. Battle. Also STOP IT WITH THE FLOATY VOICE ACTING! It only works in Bloodborne due to the aesthetics everywhere else it is maddening.

    *Fun fact even thinking about Shenmue and the prospect of playing Shenmue III in whatever form the final game takes require me to fight back manly tears of joy and sadness. Shenmue gives me the feels real bad.

  • Pokemon: Looked better with sprites.
    Persona: The first game aged terribly and has a lot of pacing issues.

  • Doom: Need better story
    Half life: Need third game
    Deus Ex: Need a game that resemble original one

  • Banned

    Rainbow Six Seige: Ubisoft can't into balancing. Each patch WILDLY shifts the power dynamic of each operator.

    Ghost Recon Wildlands: Little too much GTA in my milsim. Playing by yourself turns it into Syncshot: The Game

    The Division: Fixed the game a little too late. Would honestly have been a GotY contender if it had launched in it's current state.

  • Batman Arkham Asylum: Unable to skip the opening scene, I just want to start punching goons.

    Final Fantasy - random loot mechanic, just another way to eat away more precious time.

    Uncharted 2 - Respawning enemy segments

    Mass Effect 2/3 - Respawning enemy segments

    God Of War - Quick time events to finish off bosses. After doing the hard part and dodging all the moves, getting penalised for not hitting the correct button at the right time.

    Devil May Cry 4 - Playing as Dante

  • Twilight Princess — The wolf powers could have been better integrated into the last six dungeons, and the talking to animals concept is not leveraged for either gameplay tips or many story scenes — Epona's one line of dialogue, etc is underwhelming for how cool of an idea it is.

    Breath of the Wild — "Collecting Korok seeds in the Gerudo Highlands" is perhaps the worst Zelda-related sentence one could possibly utter. Phillis Diller Filler.

    Skyrim — The way Elder Scrolls games are structured, they could always be improved, always have more, always add more depth. I think the combat is fine for what it is, but the combat themes really begin to grate after 100 hours, hurting the sound design overall. Still kind of bitter we didn't get another DLC cementing the last dragonborn's place in reference to the severed line of dragonborn emperors, or something corresponding to the 'Hammerfell' patent. Also Hearthfire is just kind of boring.

  • @Haru17 would Elder scrolls benefit from a combat system similar to Souls or Zelda i always thought so

  • @FF7Cloud It's a first-person game and an evolution of the old first-person dungeon crawlers archetype. Taking that away or otherwise trying to force a third person combat system onto the games would only rob them of their identity. I hope Elder Scrolls gets something experimental to provide a new type of experience, perhaps with one to one motion controls involving direct control of both hands and preeminent VR compatibility, if not exclusivity. That would evolve not only the combat, but the interaction with the fully 3D-rendered item system as well — something that has always been a strength of The Elder Scrolls.

  • @FF7Cloud

    It could use an upgrade, but I don't think quite like that as I like playing first person and I think thats part of the charm

  • Banned

    @ACardAttack They can keep it in first person and still improve the gameplay drastically. It's a clunky mess that not even mods on the Nexus can fix.

  • Ganbare Goemon/Mystical Ninja series
    Most games never got localized, the PS2 game was planned for localization but canned, and like the majority of Konami's old japanese IPs, it's dead.

    Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (my GOAT)
    All japanese voices in cutscenes were removed in the west, but at least the songs stayed.

    Mystical Ninja 2 Starring Goemon/Goemon's Great Adventure
    Opposite of the 1st game, japanese voices in cutscenes included but songs including the cutscenes they appear in got removed.

    Xenoblade Chronicles
    Some sidequests require utterly tedious item farming, and some of those items are way too rare.

    Trails of Cold Steel 1&2
    No Dual Audio, trophies are too grindy.

    Mischief Makers
    Never got a deserved sequel.

    Senran Kagura series
    The nipple censorship measures cover more up than the skimpiest bikinis you can wear.

    Touhou series
    I suck at them, also they make too many fighting games imo, I don't like those.

    The bike sequence is too long and kinda boring for replays.

    Bayonetta 2
    Really just wish I could play it with a 360 pad or a DS4, the Wii U's pro pad is garbage imo.

    The Wonderful 101
    Still no sequel in sight, would be a total system seller for me, if made by Platinum of course. But without Iwata, I doubt that will ever happen.

    Blast Corps
    Needs sequel, some stages are extremely difficult, that yellow robot (not the Jetpack one) is friggin useless.

    Mass Effect
    Exploring the planets with the Mako isn't really great for replays.

  • @Musou-Tensei i love mischief makers shake shake

  • Arkhamverse
    Not enough Nighwing

  • Global Moderator

    Final Fantasy Its really hit or miss... Some games are really good, but the others can really put you off the series entirely

    Zone of The Enders There's only 2 games... we would need a third

    Mass Effect The first hasn't aged well and had annoying gear system, the ending really didn't fare well with me

    Metal Gear Solid The story gets kinda ridiculous and dragged out in bits.

    Halo They should of finished after Reach... Also the flood.. whats up with that?

    Darksiders The whole combat is just button mash attack

    Titanfall 2 Could do with new maps, not just remastered ones... and want some single player DLC!

  • Aww, I really liked the Flood. A lot more than the promethean enemy type, anyway. They added a diversity to the enemy tribes that I feel is really lacking from the new ones, with the blue / orange skull crew feeling like they could be out of Doom or any other twitch shooter in the world.

    Thinking back, Halo 2 had the most diverse enemies because it packed in brutes and drones along with the original elites / grunts / jackals / hunters / sentinels / flood. I love Halo 3, but it removed the elites for an admittedly cool story payoff. I still remember some magazine article or something about Reach trying to hock a new sniper class or breed of jackals as a new enemy type, which was just... lame. So weird.

  • @Lotias said in Criticize your favorite series/games:

    Halo ...Also the flood.. whats up with that?

    This, so much, that's probably why Reach is my favorite of the Halo games, no fucking Flood, worst enemies. I remember playing Halo 3 and this was me when they arrived (minus ear eating birb)
    alt text
    I hate them so much.