Criticize your favorite series/games

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    Final Fantasy Its really hit or miss... Some games are really good, but the others can really put you off the series entirely

    Zone of The Enders There's only 2 games... we would need a third

    Mass Effect The first hasn't aged well and had annoying gear system, the ending really didn't fare well with me

    Metal Gear Solid The story gets kinda ridiculous and dragged out in bits.

    Halo They should of finished after Reach... Also the flood.. whats up with that?

    Darksiders The whole combat is just button mash attack

    Titanfall 2 Could do with new maps, not just remastered ones... and want some single player DLC!

  • Aww, I really liked the Flood. A lot more than the promethean enemy type, anyway. They added a diversity to the enemy tribes that I feel is really lacking from the new ones, with the blue / orange skull crew feeling like they could be out of Doom or any other twitch shooter in the world.

    Thinking back, Halo 2 had the most diverse enemies because it packed in brutes and drones along with the original elites / grunts / jackals / hunters / sentinels / flood. I love Halo 3, but it removed the elites for an admittedly cool story payoff. I still remember some magazine article or something about Reach trying to hock a new sniper class or breed of jackals as a new enemy type, which was just... lame. So weird.

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    Halo ...Also the flood.. whats up with that?

    This, so much, that's probably why Reach is my favorite of the Halo games, no fucking Flood, worst enemies. I remember playing Halo 3 and this was me when they arrived (minus ear eating birb)
    alt text
    I hate them so much.

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    @Haru17 yeah, I mean don't get me wrong, I LOVE the halo universe, Ive read the books and so on. I know where they come from and it fascinates me a lot. I don't like the 343 halo games due to promethians and so on ruining it for me (even though I think Infinity are a great ship and chiefs look are great!). I just think the flood are annoying, the library in Halo might be one of my least favourite levels.

    @Musou-Tensei I really liked reach as you get to work as a team, the space bit (love) and also the covenant seem more... alien as they didn't have the translation technology at the time! it was more grunt and sounds!

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    the library in Halo might be one of my least favourite levels

    Absolutely. I recently replayed through the main trilogy and while I really do like Halo 1 I will never play that terrible level again. If I'm playing through the campaign or something I'll just skip it from now on.

  • Diablo eventually burns the Campaign and main characters into triviality with the constant replay and boss grind.

    Destiny does a similar thing, while also forcing players to LFG through third-party avenues.

    Mass Effect has issues with simplicity. Even through all the streamlining done through each entry, crafting and certain dialogue options become tedious or predictable quickly

    Dota 2 has such a high barrier to entry that it shunned to a corner of exclusivity.

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    God of War has censored sex scenes. It should be more PROGRESSIVE like ME:A and feature full nudity and orgasm faces.

  • Ya gotta learn how to headshot the human and elite Flood in 3.

    And the bloaters — they're like popping a zit.

  • Pretty thorough thread so far, who knows, maybe somebody important will read this? You never know...


    I would describe the Souls experience as being bloated at times. Certainly there are so many options for character build customization, but so often it becomes overwhelming and unnecessary to have a bunch of weapons and items that nobody will use. They served a purpose in Demon's Souls because you could fuse them with boss souls but not so much in later entries. Then on top of this, there are so many upgrade stones and little clarity on the results you'll get by investing in a certain upgrade stream that it makes more sense to find a good early game weapon and invest there as opposed to getting into using, say, the Bandit's Knife.

    The series can also be bloated in how it branches into numerous directions off of one level, which normally would not be a complaint, but it truly feels like many sections have unnecessary branching paths and locations which is overwhelming in a first playthrough. This is especially annoying when some journey's come to dead ends or a series of levels that finally end at a boss where you'll then go back to the branching level and wonder where to progress again.

    Finally, the big criticism I have with Souls is how they recycle concepts and designs throughout the series and sometimes within the same game, which again, can make the game feel bloated. Demon Ruins from Dark Souls 1 is a prime example of a relatively simple and unnecessary level that creates a challenge by placing mini-bosses all over the pathway. The same mini-bosses we've seen before and had much more impact earlier. This makes exploring feel like a trudge at times. They do this as well as repeating boss designs (Dark Souls II) and even boss concepts (Tower Knight and The One Reborn follow a very similar design), etc.

    Otherwise, damn near perfect games.

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater - Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

    This series is pretty much flawless up until THAW but even as a die hard fan, I'll admit that once the controls were perfected in THUG, they only made aesthetic decisions from then on which did nothing to keep people playing. The graphics were also quite bland and there were serious challenge spikes on the hardest difficulty that required grinding (lol) to overcome.

    If they ever reboot Tony Hawk, I hope it keeps the true-to-the-culture aesthetic, and sharp arcade gameplay, but it needs to have some extra innovative spice that stopped at Underground. Maybe look at games like Super Mario Maker and see how old school gameplay can go so far with a tool set and an enthusiastic community.


    It was so flawless that it could never be topped in the sequels. Sure SOCOM 3 did a lot for more exciting action oriented gameplay, but the series literally altered its entire direction in order to make any changes because SOCOM II online multiplayer was essentially flawless gameplay. It could have had better protection from hackers which killed the community, and Sony could have supported it more as many people never had a reason to "upgrade" from PS2 to PS3 because they didn't offer them anything better on PS3. Rest In Piece SOCOM :/

    Hitman Bloodmoney

    The guard AI can be completely sporadic in this game and I still am sometimes challenged playing this game years after release. Somehow, some way, there always seems to be a guard who just randomly find you mad suspicious even though you aren't doing anything weird. Or random snitch pedestrians who alert a guard about you when you aren't doing anything wrong.

    This game has some of the best levels I've played in a video game in terms of puzzle, challenge, and style, while some have style and are cool conceptually, but feel like a drag mechanically such as the Heaven & Hell Nightclub one or the White House level.

  • Souls/Bloodborne: No pause button.

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    @NeoCweeny Shouldn't hitting the PS button technically pause the game?

  • @Art No, I'm pretty sure it just continues.

  • @Art That doesn't work with all games.

  • It's pretty incredible for modern games to not have VHS functionality. And this isn't just a problem with Souls' obnoxiousness either, plenty of AAA games this gen have been weird about pausing or pressing the PS button during a cutscene, potentially skipping important moments for players. I know Fallout 4 had a universal pause, but The Witcher and Dragon Age were dicier. And, hell, this is while Life is Strange is adding rewinding for its dialogue trees — more games should be forward thinking like that.

  • The pause button has absolutely under no circumstances ever bothered me about Souls. Literally the last thing on my mind is pausing. I can't put a finger on why exactly but I think I just get really into it. There are also plenty of safe areas so I suppose I can just keep it on.

    Idk, I think the games have bigger flaws than that.

  • @Haru17 said in Criticize your favorite series/games:

    It's pretty incredible for modern games to not have VHS functionality. And this isn't just a problem with Souls' obnoxiousness either, plenty of AAA games this gen have been weird about pausing or pressing the PS button during a cutscene, potentially skipping important moments for players. I know Fallout 4 had a universal pause, but The Witcher and Dragon Age were dicier. And, hell, this is while Life is Strange is adding rewinding for its dialogue trees — more games should be forward thinking like that.

    It's weird that it is not a standardised thing across all games. I get why for online stuff but for the rest? LET ME LIVE MY LIFE STUPID GAMES!!!

    The ridiculousness of pausing being an oversight is that all games on modern consoles support suspending to sleep mode as a requirement but many don't have inbuilt pause functionality across the board. How crazy is that?

  • Persona 4
    The parts where you have to just aimlessly talk to ever NPC in town for clues to get to the next dugeon.

  • So far Persona 5 is great, but the first 4-5 hours are a linear tutorial. People who aren't used to Persona games are like "Do I ever get to decide anything?"

  • The Witcher 3, there is no option dinamically hide the UI. After a while the game becomes too easy and using tonics becomes basically useless.

    Assassin's Creed series, I generally love the series despite the countless criticism it gets but my main problem is with the curent day sections. At first I was against this sections because it took you away of the historical experience but eventually I realised it wasn't the actual reason. The reason why I was against was because the curent day plot was poorly written in most cases.

    My favorite AC games are 3, 2 and 4 in that order because all of those have a strong plot, either on the historical section or in the curent day.

    The historical plot of the 2nd is trash, your typical revenge story, maybe it was fine by 2009 but I can't stand it today. However, the main experience is centered in uncovering the truth and Desmond is your protagonist. Under this premise the game' narrative is delightfully crafter and delivers a cohesive experience.

    Edward is the best AC character and the historical plot of AC4 is guided to make him grow, the entire energy of that game is headed to making you understand this character and to shape his life to prepare him for his future. Each side character of the game teaches you something about Edward and surviving these experiences is what shapes the character. At the end, that ending is beautiful, the best ending in the series. The curent day plot is trash. However, I only realised that upon reevaluating the game after finishing it and tha's because the mechanics of the game are not suited for the kind of story they are trying to deliver, as I will explain later.

    AC3 is the best in the series because it combines both plotline to tell a more cohesive and transcending story. It's the tale about the relationship between father and son, it's a tale about independence and growth. Narrativelly, the game manages to tell parallel three stories centered around the same aforementioned topic: Connor and his father, Desmond and his father, and the US and his father. It complements a delightfully told story with that progressive inclussion ubisoft is always heading.

    Upon analysing why I like those three games the most, I reached to the conclusion that the historical plot is expendable and the best you can do with it is to use its to deliver an idea that is what, at the end, will remain within the player: the mistery in AC2, what is to growth in AC4 and what takes to be free in AC3. This tought, aswell, that due to the nature of freedom in an open world game, you actions in that world become meaningless, because there is no control the developer can put in the mechanical investment you can put on different tasks; that's why the overall idea prevailing is more important than the chain of events.

    So, to conclude, what I am critizicing about AC is taking away the focus of this prevailing idea in the narrative (to which I consider important the curent day plot) and focusing, instead, in making a superfluous historical plot.

  • The tutorial in Persona 5 doesn't bug me at all, but the Fi character does a bit. Especially when you are returned home and told to sleep, not being able to act at night. If that's going to be the case, the game should just advance time automatically and not allow that annoyance of straining against the game's rules.

    Those days are common and poorly marked on the calandar, if at all.