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  • I was thinking of doing a thread analysing each conference/publishers and what to expect from them, potential surprises etc. during E3. Please let me know what I'm missing. I divided each publisher into 3 categories announced, expected (leaked games included in this category) & surprises (just made up guesses). Any suggestions welcomed.

  • It's going to be a very Spider-Man Christmas.

  • From software

    Games announced but not released

    Armored Core reboot

    Expected announcements
    New IP (Rumoured to be a dark fantasy rpg)

    Kings field reboot

  • @FF7Cloud What if it's a Metal Wolf Chaos reboot instead of Armored Core?

  • I think that is as complete and comprehensive of a list as possible.

  • @TokyoSlim That would be sweet but i think miyazaki has already came out and said it was amored core, metal wolf would be some great cheesy fun though

  • @FF7Cloud I didn't do From Software because they're not a publisher. I'll add Armored Core though.
    Edit: Should I add to Bandai Namco or Sony
    Edit: I added to Bandai Namco

  • @ib0show yea thats true they only publish their own games in Japan

  • @ib0show Awesome job!

    This is the year, people. The year a new Metroid is announced!

  • @TokyoSlim
    Then it would be written into law that everyone buy it
    Op you forgot Beyond Good & Evil 2.

    Anyway given Nintendo's comments about "mastering the Unreal engine " I expect at least one major first party title made with it.

  • Can't wait for the Agent! ;)

  • can't wait for Metal gear solid remastered

  • This is a fantastic thread.

    I really agree with Huber when he said that Microsoft really needs something that blows people away. I fully expect their big moment to be Halo 6/Forza 7 and myself to be let down. Maybe Crackdown 3/State of Decay 2 looks really amazing, but it's not enough.

    Maybe they're in a stalling mode until the Scorpio really takes off.

    I'm probably more excited for Bethesda than anyone else. They could easily have 2-3 games that surprise the hell out of everyone. Wolfenstein New Colossus seems like something people are taking for granted. It could easily be doom-levels of hype. I don't expect Evil Within 2. Unless it goes VR and pulls an RE7. They'll probably talk about Skyrim for the Switch, and then link that into a new announcement from Todd Howard. We know it won't be Elder Scrolls. A unique game for the Switch perhaps?

    They could have a few other announcements, like picking up new studios we haven't heard yet.

  • I would love to see Punch-Out, Pikmin, and Metroid there.

    I'm curious about what Retro Studios, Rocksteady, and Sucker-punch are up to.

  • "Expected Announcements"
    "Witcher 4"

    wait what? where did you pull that idea out of? CDPR has been pretty open about Cyberpunk being their next game, and that Cyberpunk is the only game they're working on (outside Gwent) The rest of your list looks pretty cool and I hope that most of this comes out to be true and that most of it comes out within a year of E3

  • @ABACADA6494 Cyberpunk was teased 3 years ago, Witcher 4 teaser could happen or do you think I should change it to Surprise

  • I'm hoping for a new Valkyria Chronicles, a proper SRPG one for PS4, since they kinda said they'd do that

  • I have never been more excited about an E3 before in my life, and I always get pretty pumped for these. Why? Well first off, the potential announcements this year are personally huge for me: Cyberpunk 2077 may resurface at the Microsoft conference (TW3 is one of my favorite games of all time and I LOVE cyberpunk settings), Metroid has been heavily hinted at, more information about the sandbox Mario game I never thought would be made again, rumored new content/game for Bloodborne, and maybe, just maybe, a shadowdrop of FF7-style PS4 ports of FF8 and FF9 (two childhood gems I have been DYING to find an excuse revist).

    But above all that is the EasyAllies. Last year's E3 was leagues and bounds my favorite. E3 is really a social event, but none of my real life friends are hardcore enough into gaming to watch the conferences live. Watching those EZA streams last year felt like all the Allies were sitting on the couch next to me.

    Also @ib0show you should change The Witcher 4 from "expected" to "surprises." While they haven't ruled out a new Witcher game in the future, CDPR is devoted to Gwent and Cyberpunk atm. That offhand comment was about a far future project, and if it does come out it would probably be a prequel (maybe with Ciri), not "The Witcher 4."

  • @Galaxy40k said in EasyAllies E3 2017 Hype Train:

    Metroid has been heavily hinted at

    Only by me I think, no? :D

  • From Nintendo
    First look at the fall expansion for BOTW
    New Mario trailer, reveals Donkey Kong or another Mushroom Kingdom related character
    Handful of WiiU and 3DS games being ported to Switch
    Pokemon Stars/Eclispe/Solar Flare/Insert other title here. To be shown off, will include Gen 1 and Gen 2 locations as new post game content.
    Smash for Switch to be shown off, will include Ice Climbers, 2 other returning characters and 1 brand new character
    At least one first party game made using Unreal Engine 4
    SMT Switch to get its first gameplay trailer
    Virtual Console launches shortly before E3, will have every major Nintendo system from NES to Gamecube, and will have a total number of 20 games at launch.
    Switch Wars Announced
    PSO gets released as a Gamecube VC game
    Major "toys to life" game announced for Amiibo
    Beyond Good & Evil announced......I do cartwheels and back flips up and down my neighborhood.

    From Microsoft
    Scorpio gets a release date and price, comes in at $450-$600
    Crackdown 3 to be shown........will be canceled before the year ends.
    Halo 6 to be announced, will launch in spring of 2018
    Phantom Dust to make a reappearance..........Canceled by the end of the year.
    VooDoo Vince releases in fall, gets a trilogy of new titles announced

    From Sony
    Dad of War gets a release date
    Days Gone to get a new trailer, given a early 2018 release window
    Spiderman releases in fall along side the home release of Homecoming
    Sly Cooper 5 announced.
    Ratchet & Clank 2 Remastered announced
    Limited PS3 BC comes to PS4.
    Major VR game announced
    RE2Make announced, will include FPS, TPS, and Classic options.
    MvC Infinite gets new trailer, release in fall. at least 6 new characters shown during E3
    Playstation All Stars 2 happens.
    A handful of PS1 games to get the HD/4K treatment similar to Parappa
    PSO2 finally gets a western release
    Shenmue 3 gets a major update on stage, will release early 2018 or spring, Shenmue 1-2 HD released immediately after the show.

    Other Stuff
    Tony Hawk reveals first POST Activision game, Tony Hawk Professional Bread maker
    Destiny 2 to be literally everywhere, will actually be a full game at release.
    At least 2 other Marvel console games to be announced (not related to any currently announced games)
    Capcom and Marvel work out deal for a Ultimate Marvel Collection announced containing Children of the Atom, X-Men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heros vs Street Fighter, and MVC 1,2 and 3. All with Online play.
    Tekken vs Street Fighter finally gets a proper announcement and trailer.
    Dot Hack Reconstruction announced
    Spyro HD Trilogy announced
    Spyro and Crash Team up game announced
    From Soft announces Armored Souls, along with Dark Core, Metal Souls Chaos, and King's Soul
    Pokken Tournament 2 is announced.
    Soul Caliber 6 announced, will have 2 guest fighters, one of which will make sense (Think Link or Ezio) the other will make you face palm (like Darth Vader and Yoda)
    DMC 5 announced, alongside a DMC 1-3 HD facelift (
    Mega Man Legends 3 Resurrection, Will be a Switch Exclusive
    Metal Gear Survive will be missing from E3
    Monster Hunter for Switch announced
    Kingdom Hearts 3 Finall gets a release window
    Final Fantasy 7 Episode one gets a major showing, release date to announced at PSX
    Amy Henning Star Wars game to be shown off
    Prince of Persia reboot/relaunch
    Splinter Cell announced
    Far Cry Sigma announced (Blood Dragon 2)

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