Upcoming Games & Rumors 2017

  • Woo E3!

    I'd love to see Bloodborne 2, Cyberpunk, a new Call of Duty thats good, an interesting Star Wars game, some more Days Gone, more God of War and more Uncharted.

    I don't expect to see more Last of Us because its so far out. I'd also love some more info/release date for Bannerlord and Rising Storm 2

  • @Galaxy40k OK, changed to Surprises
    @DMCMaster Great Assumptions, I've added a few to the list

    Any other big non-big publisher game.

  • @ib0show
    Surgeon Simulator: Crustacean Doctor Edition

  • the new Valkeryia game from Sega got announced in the west so i expect to see it at sony's conference

  • @FF7Cloud I wouldn't count on it, the reception for the game seems to have been terrible, and sadly it doesn't look to good from what I've heard

  • @bard91 well thats disappointing

  • @FF7Cloud it is, and I actually just noticed the game is preordering for only 40$, if that isn't an indication of something I don't know what is

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  • @FF7Cloud I didn't put games that weren't out in Japan already and waiting for a western release or else the list would be a lot bigger. Also it won't be at the conference maybe a montage.

  • @ib0show
    Woop woop! It's still pretty early, but I'm hyping already aswell. Rewatched some of EZAs 2016 E3 coverage a couple of weeks ago.

    For Take Two, surely Bioshock is a possibility? I mean, it's a big franchise and other than the remakes, it's been 4 years since Infinite and 3 years since Irrational was restructured and abandoned the IP to 2K.

    Edit: Also, I have high hopes that EA heard the calls of the fans, and have begun development of Skate 4. All I need is an acknowledgement and a tease, similar to how they did with Star Wars Battlefront (and to a degree Mirrors Edge Catalyst) in 2013. It's time!

  • Speaking of EA I'd love for them to actually do a few remaster collections. Mass Effect being the obvious one, but Dead Space, and Burnout collections would be awesome too. Hell throw Dante's Inferno in with Dead Space and they could call it something like "The Visceral Collection" or something. Also whatever happened to Agents of Mayhem?

  • I just hope new Metro game will announce this year. thats the game im so waiting for it.

  • @Black-Cell Its definitely being made at the minute I think its called Metro 2035. I've heard its scheduled for release sometime this year. One of the most underrated series no one talks about. I cant wait for it,
    a August release would be perfect.

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  • I'm not expecting much from MS. Phil repedeatly said that they understood tha announcing games too early was a mistake, so I won't expect anything wild until they have a playable demo. On top of that there is the instance that they may be willing to reveal Scorpio at the E3 stage which, imo, would imply two thing: there is no much to talk about the console, which would make it a another PS4 pro and that there are not enough games to show to cover all the presentation.

    However, in the other hand, Last year's event was particulary undewhelming and they focused entirely on games to be released within a year, so it could be possible that they already started to pick projects on 2016. However, a project be on a presentable state takes three years, so I find it unlikely. 2015's event was underwhelming too (BC saved that presentation), so they may have started pickng up projects back then but at the time they already had 5 AAA projects in the works so, its unlikely too.

    Being said that, I expect a predictable presentation:
    Scorpio $400 base, $500 elite. (Hopefully they use W10 features to make the console more interesting)
    Fallout 4 VR
    More VR trash
    Xbox Game Pass
    Mike announcing more XBL features (that wil arrive to all users Q2 next year)
    Forza 7 (VR)
    State of Decay 2 gameplay
    Some japanese multiplatform game (followed by how much they are commited to have japanese games on the platform)
    Shadow of War
    Crackdown (this may be promising if the cloud computing is used in an innovative way)
    Sea of Thieves (demo out now)
    EA (Probably the presentation of Respawm's SW game)
    AC Empire
    Halo 6 tease (I really hope it doesn't release on 2018 and 343 to have enough time to fix all that went wrong with 5)
    Interesting small title (if it is by a japanese developers, will be cancelled within a year)
    Gears spin-off tease (my bet in on a RPG, and it will be a waste of resources)

  • said in EasyAllies E3 2017 Hype Train:

    Please let me know what I'm missing.


  • @LordBaztion I like your Microsoft E3 presentation, one thing wrong, SW games have a marketing deal with Playstation. Also will Bethesda and Microsoft both show Fallout 4 VR or...

    @Yoshi Is this a Nintendo thing?

  • Anyone think there's a chance for a new Elder Scrolls announcement?

  • @Faaip i doubt it but if we do its nothing more then a teaser

  • @Faaip There's always a chance