Why do YOU stream?

  • A little bit of a blog post here so if the mods wanna move it, by all means.

    I just had a little bit of a self realization this past week that caused me to change my way of thinking, I had been streaming almost every day since 2011. To little success, had made a little money during one of those years where it half paid for a modded 3DS I used to stream with but basically nothing after that, built a pretty good amount of followers over the 1000s mark, and I used to enjoy the hell out of it.....but what changed?

    I just never seemed to succeed at building a community like most people have, despite having so many followers it was usually just the same 3-5 friends I'd made through streaming, and a few other streamers who'd host my channel (Or raid me before hosting was a thing), and that's about it, each game I played was usually less and less people no matter how well known or obscure the game might've been.

    It just wasn't.....fun any more, and the way it changed how I played games was affecting my spending habits as well as my opinions on games.

    So what did I do? I quit. Cold turkey. Deleted everything streaming from my page, got rid of my software, packed up my capture cards, mic, etc and announced my departure, whereupon I heard literally nothing back from my followers.

    Granted the LAST thing I wanted was a pity party or people begging me to stay, but just....nothing, no words of encouragement, no best wishes for whatever I do next, nothing.

    I'm personally feeling like a weight has been lifted from me, I don't feel the pressure to get games on day one to make sure I'm riding the hype of a game before nobody cares, I'm no longer wondering if what I'm playing offline needs to be recorded, no stress of making sure my settings and equipment are setup properly, not dealing with dozens of cords everywhere.

    So, my question to all of you out there who're regular folks that probably aren't partnered, why do you stream? What keeps you going? Did you manage to build a community that drives you forward?

    And for those of you who've also moved on from streaming, do you ever get the urge to try again? Did you regret stopping? Did you have a situation like mine where you wish you hadn't found out how fickle your followers really were?

    For me the lack of support is the only real regret I have, I worked hard fostering friendships with streamers and my viewers...at the end of the day I felt like they were my friends, so finding out that I was wrong was more painful than feeling like a failure for quitting.

    I'm not even sure why I'm discussing it honestly, but if anyone out there could understand my thoughts....I'm sure someone here could, or maybe even gain something from my little story...who knows.

    Thanks guys for whatever discussion this creates, L&R.

  • @ZyloWolfBane was this something you wanted to do?

  • @ib0show said in Why do YOU stream?:

    @ZyloWolfBane was this something you wanted to do?

    Very much, I just after all this time felt like I was wasting my life trying to achieve something that just wasn't going to happen, I naturally wanted to become a partnered streamer one day, but I realized the more realistic way to approach it (After the first 3 years of streaming non-stop and trying to appease viewer trends) was to treat it like a hobby, have fun with it, make some friends, etc. And yet I just seemed to be doing it wrong or something.

    I either play games nobody is interested in, or I'm just not likable enough to build a community around. Someday I'll probably try something new, like Youtube if I ever learn how to do proper video editing and such, since that doesn't require a direct audience, I can play lengthy games and give people something to marathon through on their TVs or something (Like I do with EZA).

    I don't think I'll ever be done, but I think the twitch chapter of it is over with. It's time to try something new, or find something that fulfills me the way streaming used to.

    Was mostly just curious how everyone else handles their expectations, if anyone has been streaming for as long as I was for the same result. And what they might've done differently that I didn't do.