The Fire Fades

  • Possibly the last piece of Dark Souls DLC ever is finally here. So now that it looks like it's coming to a close, I was wondering what where some of your fondest memories of the Soulsborne series? What are your favourite moments, locations, bosses, or bits of lore?
    I've loved this series since Dark Souls 1 was released, and I just know The Ringed City is going to be a fitting send off to this monumental series.

    Praise Miyazaki \0/

  • Going to anor londo for the first time as i thought it was the last level.

    king allant boss fight

    Artorias boss fight

    nameless king

  • Fisting hogs for blood.

  • The Souls games are the closest gaming has come to recapturing that first childhood sense of awe playing OoT, SM64, etc. The worlds are just so finely crafted, and rich to explore. Even if they are "linear" games, they feel so consistent, and I feel like I'm on an adventure.

    If I had to pick a single moment in the series that stuck out to me, it would actually be from Dark Souls 3, which I ironically consider one of the weaker entries. DkS1 is either my GOAT or one of my all-time favorites (depending on the mood), and I've played through it a LOT. I got really invested into the lore of the game. The investment really paid off when in DkS3 you ascend a staircase in Lothric Castle and the sun, blotted out by the moon, comes into view; you see the Darksign in the sky. THAT was the Darksign. It was a solar eclipse this whole time. I cannot stress the impact that moment had on me as a player. To use Huber Speech, it was the CULMINATION of that entire franchise I was so thoroughly invested in. Honestly no single moment in a game has had a greater impact on me in my gaming life as an adult. I know its a weird thing to get so attached to, but I did