Ben Moore Q&A

  • Ben Moore has been gracious enough to accept the invitation to come on Constant Companion Podcast this Friday! We want to include anyone who generally doesn't get the chance to ask questions to EZA a chance to ask.

    We would like pick a few questions for a q&a section of the podcast. We thought asking those on the forum would be an opportunity for the fans. For context, the topic is "Classic Gaming Memories"

    We'll only be choosing a few but don't be afraid to ask whatever you feel. We're not a gaming podcast so don't be afraid to go a bit off theme if you would like. We will post a link to it when the episode is up! Thanks!

  • when's the deadline for asking a question

  • @ib0show Friday by 7pm MST

  • Do you feel Persona 5 represents something within the gaming industry?

  • As a D&D Dungeon Master and in life in general, how do you keep everyone happy & together when they all want different things?

  • At what point in time don't you consider something a "Classic Gaming Memory"?
    What would be the last game you have that kind of connection to?

  • Can you ask him when he will play through Arc the Lad and Arc the Lad 2? :p

  • When are the allies going to eat some Taco Pizza.

  • got a question for Mr Moore.

    with you loving Persona 5, do you think Atlus made the right decision to disable the PS share feature for the game? Its s story based game and some people could spoil it for other unintentionally and do you like this thinking and would you like to see that kind of thing implemented in other games?

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    Thats kind of him to do!

    Would you mind asking him, what do he think he would do if he wasn't involved with EZA or worked with games media?

  • Hey Everyone! The Episode is officially up. We're sorry that not more people's questions made it in but thank you all so much for your participation! :)

    Here's a link to the show!
    Youtube Video