Snake Pass (PC/PS4/XB1/NS)

  • Snake Pass is a puzzle platform video game where the movement mechanic mirrors the slithering of a snake.
    It's developed and published by Sumo Digital (Little Big Planet 3, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed). The concept was derived from an internal Game Jam session.
    The soundtrack of the game is composed by former Rare musician David Wise.
    The goal of each level is to collect three keys in order to progress. Each level has 20 blue orbs and 5 gold coins to collect. There's also a time attack mode for every area you complete.


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    EZA Coverage

    Kyle Bosman Stream: See here for your local time (YouTube link coming soon)


    Spent all morning playing this game. It's frustrating to control but the more you practice with it, the easier it gets. Each level is taking me about half an hour and there's about 15/16 levels (I think) so if you're hunting for the secrets it'll take you 10+ hours but I've heard on Twitter that if you just get the keys you'll get about 3 hours with it.
    Apart from the controls, I'm generally enjoying it so far, it's got a nice aesthetic to it and David Wise is a genius choice for the soundtrack.

    (Please let me what you think of the OP and I'll make improvements!)

  • I bought it for my Switch today and will be enjoying it on my commute home!

    Will give impressions later.

  • Will probably pick it up in a week or so, but ill be keeping an eye on it.

  • Looks fun, but with the amount of games that have come out in the last couple of months, I have no idea who has the time to play this.

  • Looks interesting and the tech is kinda impressive, but I honestly don't think that it looks fun to play.
    Looks like a student work project turned into a full game.

  • I'm really enjoying Snake Pass!

    There is a definite learning curve to moving around the game world and traversing its various obstacles. You almost have to unlearn the typical way of playing a platformer to really click with it.

    So far I'm about four levels in and I am trying to collect everything I can in each stage which really adds to the challenge. The Key Stones are the things you need to progress and the blue orbs can be tricky in places but are mainly there to get you to explore every part of the level. Then there are the bastard coins which range from being on top of simple obstacles to devious death traps.

    I don't know how much longevity there is to it but so far so good!

  • @thenerdtheword said in Snake Pass (PC/PS4/XB1/NS):

    I don't know how much longevity there is to it but so far so good!

    I think that pretty much nails it. I really like it, it's something new and unique, and it's pretty fun. I can't see myself spending much time with it once I've gotten though each level. Two irritations I have so far though are having to slither to move faster, which isn't inherently bad, but moving without doing so is incredibly slow and tedious, and having to sit through the dialogue everytime I try to replay a level is also putting me off going back for collectibles.

    Definitely fun though, probably best bought when it's slightly discounted.

  • Love this game. In a year full of nostalgic revivals, it's nice to see a game that takes the character-driven platformer template into new concepts.

    Anyone up to Fumbling Falls (last level of World 2)? I've got one wisp left to find and I'm totally stumped.

  • I"m really enjoying the game, I like when devs come up with cool mechanics like this.

    But if there is one thing I would like, is to collectibles to have more purpose, maybe they have and I just haven't seen yet, but so far it seems you get nothing (except achievements) for collecting the blue orbs/things and coins, but maybe there is a secret stage somewhere they unlock, or something, the Kyle in me wants some context to be getting these :p

  • @LinkJr No secret stage, but there is a reward for collecting 100% everything.