Iron Fist thoughts

  • I know this is probably late, but I am almost finished with Iron Fist on netflix and its pretty boring. I'm on ep. 10. I haven't seen anyone really talk about it, so I was wondering if anyone has finished it or had some thoughts about the show. As a fan of all the other Marvel shows on Netflix, I was pretty disappointed with how lackluster this series was. Not that it's horrible, but it just doesn't have the same standards as Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones. Anyone else feel this way or feel different?

  • The main problem is that it focuses too much on drama and being pretty poorly paced for being a show about Iron Fist.
    I mean Iron Fist is about a guy that practices martial arts at a mystical temple and fights an immortal dragon with his fists. Sounds pretty exciting, right? Yet for a good chunk of the TV series it's mostly about inheritance problems, a psychiatric ward, etc. with very little fighting or cool fantasy stuff.

  • My biggest problem with this show is that it seems to have forgotten that it's an Iron Fist show. There are hardly any fights, and the ones they do have are lackluster. It also suffers from a tendency to talk about things instead of showing it. I don't want to hear two people talk about how Danny became Iron fist, I wanna see a fight with a dragon!
    Finn Jones is also terrible as Danny Rand. He lacks charisma.

    Also the fact that the final fight of the series is between the greatest martial artist and a businessman is pretty terrible. Especially in a series with the Hand.

  • Banned

    Watched two episodes and couldn't keep going.
    Soooo fucking boring.

  • I'd give it a "Good, not Great". It starts off kinda slow and it never really builds him up to be the Iron Fist we know, it focuses more on Danny Rand. There are some great characters in the show but unfortunately Danny Rand is just "ok". I liked Wards PROGRESSION, ends up a very different character from where he begins. I love Coleen Wing.

  • I don't think it's that bad. Definitely the weakest Netflix Marvel show, but honestly, I far prefer it to Arrow, which I couldn't even stomach a few episodes of, and Legends of Tomorrow, which I quit after 10 minutes.

    The acting in the first couple episodes is weak, but it seems to be getting better (I'm about halfway through). The fights were lame, but seem to maybe be getting better, marginally. Still a huge let down in comparison to Daredevil.

    I don't even blame Finn Jones for the fight scenes. They just seem poorly choreographed, and more importantly, poorly shot. The hallway fight from the first season of Daredevil, in my opinion, is one of the best fights ever on film. There was so much attention to detail and grace and power in his movement, and the camera really captured that,

    The way the fights move in Iron Fist is clunky, but also the camera and the editing do nothing to help that. The first few episodes it looks like a Fred Astaire dance scene: camera far away from the hits, kinda staying in one spot. Then, around episode four, it transitions to Bourne-style quick cuts, which is a little better, but still not great.

    I actually find the story interesting. Danny annoys me sometimes because he acts like an idiot. I get that he's supposed to be endearingly naive or something, but sometimes, he just comes off as really stupid.

  • @gaarathedancingpanda Finn Jones looks more uncomfortable when doing the fight scenes. I am curious what his background is with martial arts. It's noticeable the most when he has a scene where he's doing the same moves as someone else.
    But I'm not sure I would blame everything on him, after all other people cast him, others trained him and yeah, someone else choreographed the fights.

  • There is just nothing "Good" about this show. It may not be awful in some aspects, but it also doesn't have anything remarkable. All characters are boring, or unrelatable, or just have a bunch of horrible dialogues.

    Danny Rand is the worst main character I've seen in one of these shows. Like they said before me, it feels more entertaining than Arrow, for example, but it still manages to have a way worst protagonist. I don't blame this on Finn Jones, it's all the writing, the editing, the camerawork, the pacing... You have a character that uses magic kung fu, fights a dragon in a different world and has a more jolly personality than his future teammates, and you turn this show into this samey gritty mess that's basically Daredevil season 2 without the punisher or Fisk...

    At least we have Rosario Dawson.

  • I find it interesting how a lot of people don't want to blame Finn Jones. Sure he's not entirely responsible, but he also doesn't bring much charm to the role.

    I have watched plenty of Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson movies that are terrible, but they at least make them interesting based entirely on charm or force of personality.

  • @Inustar It's a fair point that some actor may have made Danny more bearable, but I don't think anyone could get the character out of being the worst one x)

  • @KenshoD Yeah, but at least then I would have had more of a reason to want to watch. Sure Rosario Dawson is great, and Colleen was pretty good, but nothing is better than having a likeable main character.

    Except maybe showing one single scene of Danny becoming Iron Fist!