Bosman Plays A Link to the Past

  • @thisnameislame You can't make excuses for trying to get out of the bet by disagreeing with the terms after the fact. That's not how things work. It was entirely Kyle Bosman's duty to disagree and rewrite the terms of the bet when they were presented to him.

    You can't agree to something, then state that it was unfair and thats why you didn't do it.

    If anyone "messed up" here it was Kyle for not voicing his issues with the stakes.

  • @Stormcrownn He's just a man, damnit! An honorable betting man who was shoved into a corner and forced to act! His actions on July 4th, 2016 may not have been honorable but these are desperate times!

    Imagine hearing Mr. Huber's voice constantly. "Everyone thinks you're a fraud, Kyle. They thinks you can't keep a bet. And it's all because of me! You don't DESERVE the Sussler Cup"

    You try to fulfill the madman's bets. You do your best to do one hour of stand-up, but it is an outrageous demand. You redeem this by doing 10 minutes of pure gold.

    But still they call you a liar and a scoundrel. So much so that Mr. Huber shoves a contract down your throat, to make it seem as though you can't be trusted.

    So you retaliate. It isn't pretty, but it must be done. There may be casualties, but the price for LIBERTY and JUSTICE is high! THE EASY ALLIES CIVIL WAR IS NOW #TEAMBOSMAN

  • Easy Allies, indeed. People who say things like "Good riddance" to the people who threaten to stop being patrons are just as bad as those people are themselves. True allies would talk it out, and find a compromise that makes everyone happy. Kyle's had his fun, and while some of you enjoyed it, others didn't. You have to accept that. Not everyone sees things the same way. That's life. Now whether you choose to reject opinions contrary to your own, or give them thoughtful consideration is up to you.

  • @Stormcrownn Yes, I agree that under normal circumstances Kyle should've negotiated the bet into something more reasonable if he disagreed with it that much, but it could've potentially jeopardized the whole betting special we were all anticipating so much if they got caught up arguing for too long. They're trying to produce a dedicated show with a predetermined format first and foremost, and I think for most viewers the show itself is more important than whatever content may come of the stakes. In podcast bets and such it's no issue, if someone says "hey but what about this" a couple minutes or more afterwards a bet and then they all talk about it and quickly reach an agreement and move on, but Kyle can't just halt the shouting match outro to say "Hey wait that game's actually pretty long, and your deadline is less than 3 weeks after the results show will get made." I'm sure if they want to they can come up with a better way to vet the stakes or allow for negotiations going forward, but this whole argument isn't going to change my mind that we're not missing much by not getting to see Kyle whine about LttP for hours on end.

  • @Bakryu said in Bosman Plays A Link to the Past:

    The reason why i don't like what Bosman is doing is because if he doesn't properly do what he is suppose to do what is the point of us watching future bets?

    So there's zero entertainment value in the bets being made? There's not at least some sort of mystery whenever Kyle loses as to how he weasels his way out of it this time? How about next time they do a betting special they just release an excel spreadsheet with binary answers?

    You're not solely watching EZA because you want to see people make bets on video game news - otherwise you wouldn't be so committed as to go on their forum - so what value do you get from this negativity? This extends to all the guys going bonkers over Kyle this time and I guarantee it wouldn't be the case if he had to play Bubsy 3d or something.

    He still has to go on Huber Hype.
    He still has to host podcasts/be a guest on Frame Trap where he'll no doubt be hounded about it.
    He still has to do bets at the next event and now Huber's got to be more careful.

    Tell me you're not interested in how this all plays out. The material that will be gained from Kyle's weasel-ness is going to be so much better than 3 minutes on Huber Hype and nothing else.

  • The real question is, do we want to grow as an alliance, or smolder as an echo chamber? I believe that EZA is capable of amazing things, but if they don't grow their audience, they'll never be able to reach their full potential.

  • This is what happens when you try to reason with a madman like Michael P. Huber

    Youtube Video – [33:30..]

    If he tried to renegotiate the contract there would have been blood in the streets!

  • @Minamik This is why I don't like people threatening to leave if Kyle doesn't do specifically what they want. They're holding some of their favourite internet personalities up for ransom over something that doesn't really mean that much when you think about it and that's not cool no matter how you spin it.

  • @Mr-M said in Bosman Plays A Link to the Past:

    @Minamik This is why I don't like people threatening to leave if Kyle doesn't do specifically what they want. They're holding some of their favourite internet personalities up for ransom over something that doesn't really mean that much when you think about it and that's not cool no matter how you spin it.

    Or, Kyle could just go ahead and play the game. Then, the people who enjoyed the troll still had their fun, and the people who wanted to see him play the game have theirs. Everybody (but Kyle, lol) wins. It doesn't need to be one or the other. It's like that pic of the little girl who says "Why not both?"

  • you know, I kind of figured I would be Team Huber on this one...right up until I started actually watching Kyle's stream. intentionally or not, in the first few minutes of watching him play Skyward Sword, I was reminded that one of the things I truly love about this crew is how much they genuinely love things, and how willing they are to share and explain their love to draw new people in. they don't need to resort to playing games that make them miserable for laughs - because we're not laughing at them, we're laughing with them. not to say they don't play crappy games, but so often those playthroughs (whether intended, like Dumb Game Monday, or not, like picking a stupid game for group stream) turn into pointing out things they actually do enjoy about the game.

    so honestly? well played, Bosman. you stuck to the terms laid out, while also managing to have a good time playing a game you like. five star troll, and I'm looking forward to The People vs. Kyle Bosman tonight.

  • @Minamik There's still a few days 'till the 8th for that very reason. I honestly think if Kyle thought he would get away with something so obvious as streaming another playthrough (which was mentioned countless times before he went and did it) then he would have done it just on the deadline and laughed for the full 2 hours as the chat went mental. Clearly he anticipated the backlash and he's also probably got something in mind for one last mega troll if he feels he can pull it off in a way that wouldn't make everyone blow it out of proportion.

    I mean, he basically toyed around the first time for lols, then he advertised SGDQ - charity event going on at the time - for a bit before making funny remarks for 3 hours about how Skyward Sword has character which he says LttP doesn't. If I were to make a guess on how he actually handles playing through a game that he doesn't like and feels like a slog going through, it would be something that involves him actually finding something to do in the meantime that makes him happy. A dull 16 hours of Kyle not saying a word while following a walkthrough would be extremely boring.

    All that being said, he hasn't used the method I was going to suggest (remind me after the deadline and I'll give it out) and that's one that would actually be a dick move, but would probably go over the head of everyone for long enough to get away with it.

  • @Mr-M Well, there's nothing in the contract that says he can't have a stream copilot...or alternatively...someone else there playing the game while he comments on it. After all, coop streams make everyone happy.

  • @Minamik I'll give you a hint on my method - he could have done the exact thing he did with the second speedrun he had up, but with an added element.

    The jury will come up with what Bossy wants - a compromise, and through the compromise he'll probably work something into a co-pilot stream with a buddy of his. Either way he'll come up with something to take away the slog while at the same time probably getting himself the two streams he wasted back and using that to make 3 streams at a couple of hours apiece.

    Personally, what I'd find the most entertaining would be if Kyle made this into a second bet like "I'll play your damned game, but you have to play it too, and if I beat it first then you have to do X" because races are fun.... And he could weasel his way out of that without too many complaints :p

  • If anyone watched any of Ben's streams of Star Ocean 5, you'd know that game is...pretty bad, but with us along for the ride, we made it fun. Hurrah for private actions kreygasm and hurrah for Wiggly Welch.

  • Looks like people in the chat tonight will help decide the The Fate of Bosman.™

    No matter what side anyone's on, I hope everyone can keep it civil in the Twitch chat tonight. This is obviously pretty heated, but we're all Allies here.

  • @Mr-M You clearly don't know what a BET is do you? If there isn't a stake then its not called a BET. What you are referring too wouldn't be called a BET it would be called predictions where those 2 would predict what they think would happen and thus no stakes, nothing resulting in anyone having to do anything if their predictions were wrong. The fact they are betting provides a new element because if they didn't bet it would just basically be a discussion like they do on podcasts.

    No one wants any negativity, people just want Kyle to do what he had to do if he lost which he did, and like people said he knew the terms of losing the bet and if he didn't like it then should have appealed it or asked for it to be revised.

    What i do on the forums is my business and my business alone, i don't need you to tell me
    what i should and shouldn't do or suggest anything to me.

  • I'd really like Bosman to play ALTTP with Huber.

    They've all said you can't not enjoy a game with Huber.

  • @Stormcrownn Huber makes every game enjoyable. That magical man.

  • @Bakryu ...He did follow the contract to the letter of the law you know. Rage from you negative dudes notwithstanding, Kyle's done exactly what he was supposed to, don't just forget that. Chill out, settle down, and accept the reality that Kyle beat you.

    In my post I asked whether you found any sort of entertainment value in Kyle getting out of the bet. Gathering from your response, I'd say that's a no. So, I'll reword it. Would you prefer an excel spreadsheet, followed by the act of Kyle/Huber doing the robotic act of purely following noted stakes?

  • @Mr-M No. You are 100% wrong.

    The "council of allies" tonight is because no one can agree that he actually did fill the contract.

    Streaming a game has never been considered to be accepted that you just stream someone else streaming.