Bosman Plays A Link to the Past

  • @Whoaness said in Bosman Plays A Link to the Past:

    @Stormcrownn Nah not talking about EZA. Definitely not.

    Anonymous trolls love to do that stuff though. Ruin every strawpoll for all the streamers I watch.

    I feel like if that were the case, there'd have been trolls on both sides.

    Also, latest podcast confirms Bioshock 1 is worse than LttP.

  • @Minamik That's not how bots work...

  • I just really wanted to watch Kyle play Link to the Past. :cry:

  • @Whoaness I mean the type of people who would have poll manipulation would probably be on the side of supporting the troll/making people mad.

    But overall, it's a pretty even chance they'd support either side so its hard to really come to a conclusion.

    @iconmaster, Yeah. Ben pretty much had it right.

  • @Stormcrownn No, I think anyone who is manipulating the polls would side with Bosman, because if Bosman is deemed to have fulfilled the contract, we get nothing. If Bosman hasn't fulfilled the contract, he would need to stream the game.

    A poll manipulating troll wouldn't say no to more stuff. They would definitely be getting Bosman to stream more.

  • @Whoaness Ehhh, that's an assumption. I don't think you can generalize anyone who has access to manipulate that poll.

    I mean, it's not like we have a reason to assume the community wasn't 50/50 split to begin with. I think its just a fact that most people agreed that he didn't fulfill the contract. The contract's intent was clear, everyone knew what it meant. At the end of day semantics and word play only gets you so many people.

  • @roobieroo Justice prevailed

  • @Stormcrownn It's not assumption. It's logic.

    Nothing happens if Bosman doesn't stream. Trolls get thrills from making things happen.

  • @Whoaness Yeah, but you're only focused on bosman doing something or not doing something. If he doesn't stream, then everyone who wanted to see him stream would be disappointed. Those people's reactions is something happening.

  • @Stormcrownn People are going to react either way. That's not even a reason that has a side in this argument.

    Bosman clearly fulfilled the poorly detailed written contract, but is very obvious the fans want him to stream. The votes shouldn't have been nearly a tie, it should have been completely one sided for Bosman not fulfilling the contract.

  • @Whoaness "Poorly Detailed Contract" - What Huber wanted was clear. They wanted the stream because thats what everyone understood. That's why Bloodworth's point about Good Faith was relevant, and overall the ultimate point during that trial.

    It wasn't like the EZA fans just randomly demanded a stream. It was definitely expected. The contract had the effect of many people saying "Cool, we'll get a stream" - and bosman being defensive about his reputation for being a welcher.

  • You've got two options here. You can continue assuming the worst of others, or you can accept that it was just a pretty even split in voting. One of them is the far more entertaining option.

  • @Stormcrownn What Huber wanted was clear. What Huber wrote in the contract was not represented of what he wanted. Bosman actually said during his Skyward Sword stream that if Huber didn't write the contract, he might have had to play LTTP.

    And Good Faith law doesn't apply in a contract created specifically in bad faith and punishment.