Bosman Plays A Link to the Past

  • On the left Hubers contract next year and on the right Hubers contract in 10 years.

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  • Streaming someone else's playthrough though. Doesn't that go against the "new save file" wording of the contract?

  • I love it.

  • As mush as I love Kyle's clever loophole. I would also love it if this doesn't count as decided by the EZA Council. Because then he has to play the whole game in one sitting! Haha!

  • @Minamik

    I'm sure Huber is going to attack this point like a raving madman but you can interpret that "new save file" line many ways which is again indicating the weakness of the contract they came up with. You can't leave anything ambiguous when you're dealing with the best.

  • I made a gif. Didn't want to spend to much time on it but for half an hour it worked out ok. Sorry about the borders.
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  • Bossman will be judged before the Seven (Damiani doesn't count, he is disqualified as a huge LttP fan).

  • @Dragonhunter said in Bosman Plays A Link to the Past:

    I made a gif. Didn't want to spend to much time on it but for half an hour it worked out ok. Sorry about the borders.
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    Can you gif his head onto Rick Astley's

    Bloodworth just posted on GAF that Bosman is the personification of a rick roll

  • You really gotta love Bosman "Bow down to the king"

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm surprised people didn't think this was the best outcome for Kyle losing the bet.
    Honestly, would you rather watch Kyle play a game he dislikes but probably not nearly as much as he says he does or watch him be an evil mastermind?
    Kyle loves playing the villain and I'm sure he plays up his hate for Lttp because he likes being the one guy that hates a popular classic.

  • @Olf_Himself My thinking exactly. Huber could have made the bet interesting on its own... make Kyle record, VO, and cut his own review of LTTP or something. He didn't, he tried to get specific about something mostly boring. If it wasn't INTENDED for Kyle to troll, well, Kyle is just saving him from himself.

  • @Ivanhoe I feel like it would have been a bit tougher to loophole if it was termed as a "live playthrough" Then he would have at least had to find someone streaming it when he is streaming himself.

  • Ohhh, Kyle just got nailed. Apparently he sent his tweet one minute after beginning the stream.

  • @Minamik Saw that too, but there were 5 minutes of music so the actual stream started about 4 minutes after his tweet.

    @Lexad Maybe later this week. No promises though.

  • @Minamik said in Bosman Plays A Link to the Past:

    Ohhh, Kyle just got nailed. Apparently he sent his tweet one minute after beginning the stream.

    HE didn't actually start until later though. Allies just went live early.

  • We have to honor the letters I think given that Kyle has proven himself to be a man that always puts special care into the letters himself! Well done Bloodworth.

  • I honestly feel bad, I wouldn't want to play a game I totally just can't play, even worse is getting forced to play it. I love this little stunt, I love ALttP so I was a bit disappointed, but i'm not "twitch chat last night" disappointed. This is a good chance to make those people disappear from the fanbase if they can't handle the Bosman style heat. I'm here for the people, not just the games.

  • Ok. This is without a doubt going to be the stopgap for Mr. Huber on contract formulation. But in all seriousness, this shouldn't be a divisive thing to anyone in the community. To all those out there who are upset or as I have read in this thread, those threatening unsubs and support pulls please keep this in mind: EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING about the entirety of this situation is 100% FUN AND GAMES. The betting special is a game, the contract is about a game, the stream is of a game. And ALL of it is in good FUN, whether it is at Mr. Huber's expense or those here in the community that can't take a joke. Do I like the trolling, or any trolling for that matter? Not really. Do I believe Mr. Bosman has no honor? For the most part. But at the end of the day, in no way should anybody be upset at this situation. I MUST give credit to Mr. Bosman for his undeniable expert level skill in weaseling his way out of a bet and to that I end I can only applaud. That and the fact he can do it with a completely straight face. HOWEVER, in the spirit of good fun I just wanted to throw out there: I SO hope Mr. Huber permanently keeps possession of the Schlosser Cup (I hope that's how it's spelled). So at PSX, Mr. Huber needs a contract where someone from Easy Allies must be physically present in the same room as Mr. Bosman to witness him doing something he absolutely DESPISES. Doesn't need to, nor should it be, another LTTP stream, but if there is something that Mr. Bosman doesn't like for whatever reason, it gives the bets weight, which makes them pointless to have to begin with (Thus why I believe he has no honor). Another potential could be to tarnish something Mr. Bosman holds dear, like him disparaging Tetris in some way, or forcing him to break media blackout on a game could be a good (although not necessarily as satisfying for us) way to really irk him. Sorry for such a long comment so allow me to end, once again in the name of good fun to say: All of us "Stupid Huber fans" really can't wait to see Mr. Bosman truly get undone in some way. At least we're all Allies and we can agree that Video Games, and EZA are all awesome. Thanks for reading.