Bosman Plays A Link to the Past

  • Difference is RE6 is entertaining co-op, while Kyle explained his reasons why he doesn't like ALttP back during the Gametrailer days. Unless he looked up pro strats, he probably would have been stuck for many hours playing a game he doesn't like. At least with horror games we get the added bonus of watching him being scared. c:

  • All I'm hearing are excuses. If you remember anything from the GT days, it should be that Bad Boys don't make excuses.

  • hahaha, wow, it seems like Huber's definitely going to have to level up if he wants to beat Kyle Trollmaster :smirk:

    This is also probably one of the most inspired and creative things I've ever seen from Kyle, and a glorious addition to the EZA meta (long may it reign!)

    Great job Kyle!

  • The youtube comments are ridiculous. Some people are going as far as suggesting he is ripping off patreons.

    I just don't get the internet sometimes

  • @Barnacle Everyone anonymous will feel entitled and display their entitlement.

  • @Barnacle

    And thats why Bosman at home is not part of eza.

  • We need phoenix Wright in here to settle this.


  • @Vexchaneu said in Bosman Plays A Link to the Past:

    I tweeted at him a few day ago that he should just stream someone else's playthrough, I'm sure others did to and I'm also pretty sure he came to this decision long before that, even so it feels wonderful to play even a microscopic part in this chaos.

    I just hope he notified the person he was streaming beforehand. Even though he would most likely be ok with it, it's always good to make sure. I've seen a similar situation get a little ugly before.

    @Olf_Himself said in Bosman Plays A Link to the Past:

    I'm surprised people didn't think this was the best outcome for Kyle losing the bet.

    I dislike it for the simple reason that I dislike Skyward Sword. So I stopped watching it about 20min in because I don't feel like watching my least favorite Zelda.

    @Brannox said in Bosman Plays A Link to the Past:

    To all those out there who are upset

    I think all the people (not you specifically) that make this into a bigger "problem" than it actually is only make things worse.
    So some people got upset? And? That's to be expected when you troll. Leave it at that.
    I've seen this spiral out into countless shitstorms because people keep making a mountain out of a molehill.

  • @suplextrain Agreed, but my point is to call out those who can't discern what a joke is. I see this as having either two different perspectives: Most people see this situation as a regular person (to use your analogy): Molehill. And then the few of those that don't know what a joke is, they have the perspective of an ant: A 6-ft high pile of anything being a gigantic mountain. The amount of people is critical. I think something that is lost on those who ARE upset you have captured perfectly: Those who are, are few, while the rest of us think its funny (but again in my case dishonorable).

  • In the end, the allies can do whatever they want. Final Bets is NOT a serious show with legally binding contracts. It's silly and both Huber and Kyle go over the top to make it a feud.

    If you think the "contract" entitled you to an actual playthrough of aLTTP you might want to lower your expectations a little bit.

    Kyle finding a loophole is part of the SHOW not some real life commitment he HAS to honor.

    It's entertainment, if you don't like it, move along.

  • @Brannox We can discern what a joke is. But its also entirely subjective whether or not its a good joke. To plenty of people, it simply wasn't very funny.

    To quote /u/StephenColbert46, and Kyle himself.

    "I don't like it. Kyle himself said that they do bets so that the claims they make on camera have stakes, otherwise they'd just be dudes on a podcast making guesses.

    However, if every bet is just loopholed out of, there are effectively no stakes. Sure it's amusing to watch but at this point Kyle could say he'd do literally anything for a bet and I wouldn't be invested because he'll just weasel out of it. "

    @Whoaness I also strongly disagree with anyone trying to throw "ungrateful/entitled" around. It's disappointment. See @suplextrain's comment.

  • @Stormcrownn Someone threatening a startup company by holding money hostage? Nah, it's entitlement and trolling.

    This bet situation shouldn't even be taken seriously. Bosman has already done this before with his 2015 loss, so it's not surprising. It would actually be surprising if Bosman followed the bet.

  • Since we're cross posting.... I'll reiterate here I enjoy the finding of loop holes as much as the fulfillment of the bet.

    Another aside, it's like watching a TV show with a monster/conflict of the week. The hero wins, and it's always a fun surprise to to see HOW, despite the odds against them.

  • @Whoaness Holding it hostage...yes I agree. But people certainly are entitled to spend their money how they wish. I reduced my patreon amount after last night. But I won't be saying to anyone at EasyAllies.

    How many people are sitting there threatening to take money away? I can't find any posts saying that. I can find plenty of patrons insulting other people who are disappointed.

    That's my overall problem with the "joke" it's only funny because people get to laugh at those who are disappointed and its at their expense.

  • @Stormcrownn Twitch chat, youtube comments? Plenty of them.
    Laugh at people who are disappointed? You're taking the internet too seriously.

    And you just posted about lowering your patreon if you were trying not to say that to anyone.

  • @Whoaness Yes. Because people are disappointed. I can certainly say why. That's not holding anything hostage. If I said "I'm lowering it if you don't do X..." that's what you are talking about.

    And maybe it is too serious. But the point remains that the joke isn't harmless. It's at the expense of those people. Tons of posts about "wow I love the salt in here..." "it's even better seeing everyone get upset about it..."

    It's certainly divided the community well enough.

  • @Stormcrownn What? How does Bosman playing Skyward Sword instead of LTTP hurt people's feelings?

    That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

  • Anyway, we will all be getting a hilarious stream out of this tonight as the Allies are putting Kyle live on trial at 6 PM PST

  • @Whoaness No. The bets having no consequence. Read what I posted above again. It's not about the specifics of it.

    Kyle has explained himself why they do bets, so they aren't just guys making guesses on a podcast. That's why there's stakes.

    Removing those stakes reduces the importance and drama of what you think will happen. That's why final bets was so dramatic.

  • @Stormcrownn I would say him outsmarting Huber on a loss is way more entertaining.
    It immediately escalates the next show.