Super Mario Run (iOS, Android)

  • Hey.

    I've been playing Super Mario Run quite a bit in the past few days, because it's on my smartphone and I can pick it up whenever I feel like it. I think it doesn't replace a traditional Super Mario Bros., but they did a good job inserting the endless running elements in the gameplay. However, I don't like that I need a constant internet connection to play it, even after I paid for the full game. Has anyone else played it?

  • @Ironside Did everything you could do in the demo and bailed. Lasted like a day.

  • Just picked it up a few days ago on android. I like it. It's a great mobile game, though the inability to actually explore the environments stops it from being a great Mario game. Still, just basic, simple fun. I like trying to collect the special coins, and it seems like a great idea that each stage will has multiple ways in which the coins can be arranged -- good way of encouraging replay of all levels.

    Glad I got it.

  • Got it on Android, I really like it. I feel like there is a good challenge and learning curve with the special coins, there are a lot of things to get used to that Mario doesn't normally do (grabbing ledges, rolling through enemies to defeat them) that the game gets it's own feeling and is not just Mario auto-running.