Easy Allies MBTI Personality Typing

  • The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is a popular personality type test developed in the 1940s and still commonly studied today. It identifies 16 personality types based largely on the work of famed psychologist Carl Jung.

    Here is a link to one version of the test: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

    Seeing as this is a fairly well-known analytical tool and I am fairly interested in it, I would love to know the community's guesses on what type each of the allies are. Feel free to include your own type in the discussion.

  • We just had to take another one at work last week. I'm INFJ as always, which is kinda odd considering I work in EMS.

    I believe the Ally who most fits as a fellow INFJ is Ben Moore. He tends to think about things before he puts them into words, and when he speaks it is in a structured, intelligent manner. He also takes the needs of people to heart, and always will bring a conversation around to how it will affect different people. He's firm in his convictions, but is gracious towards everyone and exudes compassion. He is an advocate both for people and for the things he loves and is passionate about while still maintaining a level head and a critical eye.

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    Interesting! I was THIS close to delete this as spam... until I started to read closer. I remember doing a similar test like this back in high school and it was actually almost scary. I felt like it fitted my personality well and even if its was just a little bit of fun for me, it may be of deeper meenings to others

  • Of course I'm a INFJ. 94% introverted, like the wise old sage who doesn't want or is scared to talk to anyone. Sigh...

    Anyway most of the Allies are probably ENFJ's. Extroverted happy people who don't suck at life.

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    This may make it a little more fun :)

  • @Billy I always get INTJ but shrug off the results. Now I can identify as an asshole, yesss! Adachi hype.

  • I always end up right on the edge of INTJ and INTP, I fit hard into the INT portion and score like 51% J to 49% P every time so I can go either way and honestly fit fine into both. I get the feeling we'll have a lot of Introverts on the forums.

    @MXAGhost I would definitely argue that point. At the very least Don, Damiani, Kyle, and Blood all seem to fit into the Introvert section much better. They seem to mostly prefer to be behind the scenes or have flat out said they're an introvert.

  • I always end up as ENFP/INFP, with almost a perfect 50/50 split between E/I and then everything else being an overwhelming landslide. Guess I'm in a slightly introverted mood right now. I'm probably closest to Huber in terms of typing, which would surprise a lot of people given how quiet and reserved I can get sometimes. My energy level is closer to Talking Syndrome Huber than Huber Syndrome Huber.

  • I got “THE MEDIATOR” (INFP-T) which fits with me surprisingly well!

  • Yeah that can't be correct
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  • I got INFJ as well. What a surprise.. the people who post on gaming forums all score similarly :D

  • Lol at all the Adachis out there.

  • I got Adventurer (ISFP-t)... I partially agree with the result.
    That said, Yukiko Amagi :3

  • I would just like to point out to everyone who's a bit surprised by their own results that the difference between being introverted and extroverted isn't necessarily how you behave but rather what you take energy from. like which activities re-energize you and make you feel good. I've met some really outgoing people at work who are actually introverts and vice versa.

    I haven't done Myers Briggs but I have done the other personality test which splits you into different colors (the name escapes me at the moment). I was a yellow red in that which is basically "chatty and bossy" lol.

  • Am I really gonna be the first person here to mention that MBTI is bunk? It's not an effective tool because the questions you answer are way too obvious, so you know the affect your answers have on the outcome, i.e. if I think I'm INTJ in advance, I can easily answer the questions in a way that will give me that result, which makes the test far from objective. This is why it's used by employers, because they want to know what you think of yourself, not what you're actually like. Also, it assumes all the data point lie on a dichotomy rather than a spectrum, not taking into account that very few people are purely one or the other. The test is also very unreliable: the same person taking the test at different times can get very different results. In fact, after only five weeks, between 39% and 76% of people get different results. I should also mention that neither Myers nor Briggs was a psychologist. Myers had a degree in agriculture and she wrote a lot. Briggs was only involved because she was Myer's daughter, as far as I can tell. My favorite description of the MBTI test is that it's a horoscope for people who think they're smarter than people who listen to horoscopes.

  • @Doctor-Professor it's just for fun dude. I dont think anyone takes these things too seriously.

    at its best you could say it's a snapshot of where you are now and at its worst it's a snapshot of where you want to be.

    either way it's not like anyone is changing their life around based on their score results

  • @Mango Pssh, as if the internet is a place for fun. That'll be the day /s.

    You're right, though. It's no coincidence my nickname in high school was "Buzzkill"

  • Well, I'm a very lifelike robot.

  • @Doctor-Professor Your nickname might have been Buzzkill but what does your MBTI say about what kind of a buzzkill you are ;)

    Seriously though, I hope most people here don't take it too seriously, the results of this shouldn't define you. Personality quizzes in general tend to be pretty bunk. I can't imagine I'm the only one who remembers places like Quizilla which were riddled with tests along the lines of "What Anime Character Are You?" with painfully obvious, and in no way relate able, answers. This is still in that wheelhouse, just better disguised. However, I think, like you mentioned with employers administering MBTI, it can be pretty revealing as to how someone views themselves and others.

    Also, don't tempt me to invoke Jungian archetypes or Enneagrams!