So that NX Controller....

  • I'm only speculating, but I feel pretty certain that it is going to resemble this in some fashion . (

    What was it, a few years ago there was a rumor of an apple/nintendo device? Or at least some sort of collaboration. We all thought we were going to see some kind of Nintendo phone. A while after that it was announced nintendo would be putting their apps on iOS.

    What are the chances apple has assisted Nintendo with the tech, and the portable/controller is a tablet with buttons (hopefully, I swear to god if there aren't any buttons....)

  • The main reason I doubt this is because I can't believe nothing has leaked from Apple. Their devices always seem to get out.

  • True, everything from Foxxcon leaks, but maybe Nintendo is building it somewhere else. I think Panasonic does the screens for nintendos stuff. Doubtful apple would want to help too much, but I guess panasonic isnt in the tablet market so maybe

  • I wonder if the second screen will be an option rather than a requirement, with a cell phone/tablet companion app rather than a dedicated device they build themselves.