Community Event: Watching EZA content together

  • Hey all, some of the users in twitch chat have been testing some video players out last night and today so we can watch videos together and have a chat function at the same time. We think the player we will go with is

    The purpose of this is to fill in some time between EZA streams. We can watch TTE, Podcasts, Past Streams and anything else we want together, rather than separate. Hoping it will make the community bond even further together.

    The official premiere stream we plan to go with will be after Talking Syndrome. We are planning to play the podcast. Hopefully we can see some of your there.

    We will be testing it before the premiere night to confirm this is the player for us, so you can drop in anytime and see if people are about. If we change player, we can update here and the link will go in twitch chat before we begin.

    Love & Respect


  • We've discussed watching the podcast together tomorrow after Talking Syndrome airs. That would make it 2:30EST on Saturday. Personally I think we should watch some wrestling as well as that would be the main topic of Talking Syndrome since Wrestlemania is the primary talking point of Huber Syndrome this week.

  • This has become a staple now. Whenever there are no streams running, there should be videos running here. We are not just doing EZA videos. We have delved into the GT archives for old betting specials, full playthroughs and any other show people want to see. We have even aired some of Kyles college videos.

    Please come in and say hi. You are welcome to add videos too. This is community driven to get us engaging together when there are no streams going.

  • That sounds like a great addition to the community! Does EZA somehow benefit financially from the views in this room? Like they would from views in Youtube?

  • @ofLoxley They are getting YT views from it. It is more about bonding the community more though. That is the bigger benefit I would say. A more bonded and involved community can only be a good thing :-). It is a lot of fun