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    Welcome to the SGDQ 2016 General thread! Sounded like a good amount of chat are looking forward to this event so I thought it'd be good to have a mega-thread for reactions, twitch-clipouts, and general storytiming.

    If you don't know what GDQ (Games Done Quick) is about, it's a bi-annual speedrun event that is live for 24-hours a day for 7 days. They collect donations throughout the event to benefit various charitable causes. They run special Donation Incentives that act like polls that are voted on with donations to influence anything from character and file save names to whole games being added to the schedule! All speedruns are played live (except TASbot) and generally have live commentary from other knowledgeable runners. As you can imagine from a 1-week event, they run a LOT of games, so if you're not interested in the current game, check back later or see the entire schedule here.

    All times on the schedule are converted to your timezone.

    The main stream can be found here.

    I always have a blast during these events, even as just a viewer marveling at the skill on display and sharing my favorite moments with friends, so check it out and let's hear what you're excited for!

  • Hope for an amazing week, just like last year. Looking forward to the Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze run. That was amazing in 2015.

  • SGDQ is already running and there is not one million circlejerking posts in here? GEEZ, why aint all of ya JAZZED already? These runs are pretty magical yo!

    Personally for me Games Done Quick always have been a comfy week long nonstop comfy warm fireplace that you just leave on your second screen running; these runs nourish my soul and mend my eyeballs.

    Just listening to the casting itself about all these speedrun strats and glitches and downright cheats are ASMR to my ears. The assurity that I can fall asleep while watching and wake up to see that there is someone killing those frames makes me filled with determination.

    Hope that we will see some world records this year! HYPE IT UP

    Also I am still waiting to hear Bloodworth/Ben/Huber/Brad to donate some to the stream and slip a slight shoutout in there :bee: