Parappa the Rapper's Rhythm

  • I've tried Parappa at multiple times. As a fan of rhythm games (even Britney's Dance Beat, Don't judge), it is driving me nuts that I can't get into it.

    The single worst offender is the rhythm of the game. It always feels off. It's not a monitor timing thing, it's not a calibration bug (as far as I can tell), it really seems to be a part of how the game plays.

    The sound cues attached to button presses always feel off. Is it just me? Is there something I am missing? I've love to play more than the demo, but I can't see buying something when the controls always feel broken in my hands.

  • I've never been able to play it, always seemed completely off to me as well

  • Banned

    I think it is because in a traditional rhythm game you are pressing the buttons to a beat or instrumental cue, and most times said cue isn't activated by the button press and instead is just part of the music while in Parappa, because the genre is hip-hop the button presses are associated with the lyrics, and the button press itself activates the musical cue.

    Mind you this is one of the earliest rhythm games, so the mechanics weren't as refined as something like Rhythm Heaven or Project Diva.

    Iunno. I find it kind of endearing. It sounds silly because the game is silly.

  • Dontcha ya know you just gotta believe

  • Dude, I can't even play Parappa - wayyy too hard for me lol

    I did play as a kid and I have no idea how.

  • I remember Bosman talking about playing the remake at some event and how the developers of the remake didn't understand how to get high scores cause the way you gotta do the inputs for it is so obtuse and whimsical. Like you don't hit A at an A prompt, you hit A-AA-A-AAA-A or something. I can't remember where he said this.

  • @Mbun

    I don't think it's that literal. I believe you just have to use your creative agency between beats to get the Cool rating.

  • from what I understand is you hit punch repeatedly until the next prompt.

  • I'll have to poke at the demo some more to see if I can get my head around it.

  • I love Parappa but yes, the game does have it's own sense of timing. If you're playing the game just following the prompts it isn't an exact match. I can't remember what it is specifically as it's something I got a feel for.

    As for the "Cool" rating, I think there are particular rhythms of multiple button presses that are optimal for it to come up, and they're insane to learn!

  • I've been madly in love with this game since I saw a demo of it at our local target. But yeah, the gameplay is a total mess. Trying to time the button presses is somewhat pointless a better strategy is to hit it multiple times, like first stage you have to hit O for punch I think, instead of just doing it once you often get better results hitting it like 3-4 times, but while somewhat staying on tune with the song. It always seemed random to me, but thank god the songs/story are so weird and fun cuz the gameplay is a chore sadly.

  • M.O: Now... Punch.

    P.T.R: Punch. Punch....Pu-Pu-Punch....


  • Watching Kyle's stream now, and I don't get this game at all. Oh, it rubs me the wrong way big time. So weird to hit all those extra times in between the actual prompts, I feel like I would never get that.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Yeah. Watching him play made me realize what that game is, is not what I want from it. :/

  • This is the face that will haunt my dreams,
    alt text

    It was all going so well but this damn cake making chicken is a wall that I cannot seem to pass!

  • @thenerdtheword Took me forever to get pass this level. it's soooo fucking hard. I hear the song in my sleep.