Parappa the Rapper's Rhythm

  • @Mbun

    I don't think it's that literal. I believe you just have to use your creative agency between beats to get the Cool rating.

  • from what I understand is you hit punch repeatedly until the next prompt.

  • I'll have to poke at the demo some more to see if I can get my head around it.

  • I love Parappa but yes, the game does have it's own sense of timing. If you're playing the game just following the prompts it isn't an exact match. I can't remember what it is specifically as it's something I got a feel for.

    As for the "Cool" rating, I think there are particular rhythms of multiple button presses that are optimal for it to come up, and they're insane to learn!

  • I've been madly in love with this game since I saw a demo of it at our local target. But yeah, the gameplay is a total mess. Trying to time the button presses is somewhat pointless a better strategy is to hit it multiple times, like first stage you have to hit O for punch I think, instead of just doing it once you often get better results hitting it like 3-4 times, but while somewhat staying on tune with the song. It always seemed random to me, but thank god the songs/story are so weird and fun cuz the gameplay is a chore sadly.

  • M.O: Now... Punch.

    P.T.R: Punch. Punch....Pu-Pu-Punch....


  • Watching Kyle's stream now, and I don't get this game at all. Oh, it rubs me the wrong way big time. So weird to hit all those extra times in between the actual prompts, I feel like I would never get that.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Yeah. Watching him play made me realize what that game is, is not what I want from it. :/

  • This is the face that will haunt my dreams,
    alt text

    It was all going so well but this damn cake making chicken is a wall that I cannot seem to pass!

  • @thenerdtheword Took me forever to get pass this level. it's soooo fucking hard. I hear the song in my sleep.