RIP Mad Catz

  • At least they were better then Pelican controllers, thoese things would literally break if your ceiling fan was too fast.

  • i had one of their n64 controllers with the leather grips lol it was terribad

  • I like my MadCatz Rat 5 mouse, but I always cursed them when I had to use their bullshit Xbox 360 controller when doing split-screen Halo 3 online at my friends house. Like that thing was the absolute WORST.

    I think this might have been it, but I remember it being thinner. R.I.P in peace: alt text

  • I'm still shook over the loss of this company. Love hate relationship. Love that I could play serious games in rainbow colours. Hate that hackers used it for cheating.

    The real RIP:
    alt text

  • Having made the mistake of owning one of their PS1 memory cards, I never bought another product of theirs again.

    Though people say their fightsticks were decent, Oh well...took a long time for people to catch on.

  • I remember those controllers. My friend had one but I always thought it was weird.

    I used one of these. Still sad to see them go though

    alt text

  • I think I had a MadCatz SNES controller which was fine. If I remember correctly it was pretty much exactly like a real SNES controller but with an extra button for no reason.
    I also have a wireless Gamecube controller which is absolute gutter trash (I should really just throw it away), and a wired Gamecube controller that is only a slight step up. I need to buy a real Gamecube controller...

  • I still want to buy the latest Guitar Hero because it's cheap. I don't know if Madcatz made the guitar or if it was for the other music franchise

  • @LordBaztion
    Mad Catz did the first run of Rock Band 4. As for Guitar hero I have no clue

  • Madcatz: The controllers you always gave to your buddy as player 2 (because nobody wanted to use them)