RIP Mad Catz

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    Press F to pay respects.

    And let us share memories of terribly designed controllers that we all bought at one point in time.

    I had this wireless controller for PS2 and it was awesome.

    alt text

  • They made some decent fight sticks but that's about it.

    Hope the staff find some work.

  • I remember having a SNES controller from them, and it was... OK? It wasn't as good as standard Nintendo one, but it was usable, unlike plenty of other 3rd party controllers some of my friends had. But then, years later, I tried their TE2+ fightstick at a event. HOLY crap, it has damn good feel to it. So good, that I think I'll try my best to get hold of one while there are still supplies left.

  • I had a steering wheel from them that actually lasted and worked well. But their controllers were always of a lesser quality than OEM. Nowadays gamers want custom modded controllers. And other companies have taken over that scene. So its no surprised that Mad Catz is done.

  • At least they were better then Pelican controllers, thoese things would literally break if your ceiling fan was too fast.

  • i had one of their n64 controllers with the leather grips lol it was terribad

  • I like my MadCatz Rat 5 mouse, but I always cursed them when I had to use their bullshit Xbox 360 controller when doing split-screen Halo 3 online at my friends house. Like that thing was the absolute WORST.

    I think this might have been it, but I remember it being thinner. R.I.P in peace: alt text

  • I'm still shook over the loss of this company. Love hate relationship. Love that I could play serious games in rainbow colours. Hate that hackers used it for cheating.

    The real RIP:
    alt text

  • Having made the mistake of owning one of their PS1 memory cards, I never bought another product of theirs again.

    Though people say their fightsticks were decent, Oh well...took a long time for people to catch on.

  • I remember those controllers. My friend had one but I always thought it was weird.

    I used one of these. Still sad to see them go though

    alt text

  • I think I had a MadCatz SNES controller which was fine. If I remember correctly it was pretty much exactly like a real SNES controller but with an extra button for no reason.
    I also have a wireless Gamecube controller which is absolute gutter trash (I should really just throw it away), and a wired Gamecube controller that is only a slight step up. I need to buy a real Gamecube controller...

  • I still want to buy the latest Guitar Hero because it's cheap. I don't know if Madcatz made the guitar or if it was for the other music franchise

  • @LordBaztion
    Mad Catz did the first run of Rock Band 4. As for Guitar hero I have no clue

  • Madcatz: The controllers you always gave to your buddy as player 2 (because nobody wanted to use them)